Playroom Project Complete

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Did you see my shameful photo last night of the kids play room?

The rest of my week is pretty busy with Farm Fresh and Harris Teeter matchups and shopping tomorrow, kids Easter parties on Thursday and cooking for Freezer Cooking Day on Friday (see post of my plans tomorrow).  Therefore, I decided to deal with the problem today.  I spent 2 hours cleaning and sorting toys, books, puzzles and wii games.

The fruit of my labor…
The left is trash and broken toys and the right is the yard sale pile.  I was expecting more items to be pulled out, but when I put it all in the plastic storage container it was actually overflowing. I’m happy with the results! Remember, whatever doesn’t sell at the yard sale gets donated.
You can see the floor :)
Now I’m off to organize my coupons!


  1. Heather says

    wow, great job! It looks so much better. Oh – I got my Easter ham today at Bottom Dollar for 77 cents a pound and used the Smithfield ham coupon I think I got in AllYou to get a 11 pound ham for $7.67.

  2. Dana says

    Thanks for the ham tip Heather!

    Yes, the kids are spoiled rotten-One of the reasons we purchased this house was the FROG for the kiddos


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