Thrifty Thursday: How to Save on Meat (Part 3)

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I know, it’s week 3 and I’m only on part 3.

How to save on meal part 1 & part 2 both dealt with saving money at the grocery store.  I also wanted to talk about ways to save on meat in the kitchen.

 Use larger cuts: Buy the largest package of meat when it’s on sale to yield the most meals from one package.

  •  Pork tenderloin: Eat 1 night marinated and use the rest of the meat in stir fry the next night
  •  Whole Chicken: Purchase a whole chicken for $6 to yield multiple meals instead of 1 package for $3 and only get 1 meal

Meatless Meals: Consider having 1 meatless meal per week.  Serve soup and a sandwich, garden salad and baked potato or use beans for protein in lieu of meat.

Leftover night: Consider having 1 leftover night per week.   In addition to avoiding  another package of meat, you have the added benefit of reducing waste.  A mid week leftover night works well for us depending on our schedule and menu plan.

Try ground turkey:  I started substituting ground turkey for ground beef a few years ago.  Ground turkey is healthier, and I can usually find better deals on Butterball ground turkey versus a package of ground beef.

Add fillers: Use fillers (breadcrumbs or oatmeal)  in foods such as burgers and meatloaf.  You can use less meat, make the dish more filling and it seems to help hold everything together.

Read Part 4 of How to Save on Meat – we finish up saving on meat in the kitchen.

What are your tips for saving on meat and produce? Comments left that are not on my notes, will be added in a separate post at the end of the series.

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