Thrifty Thursday: Save on Produce

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I’ve been meaning to post this for a few weeks, but I really feel it would be better suited as a series of detailed posts in the early spring.  Maximizing your produce savings in the winter takes forethought while the fruit & veggies are bountiful in summer.  Most of the topics below will each get it’s own post in a couple months.

– Buy in season produce

– Start a garden (or get all the extras from family & neighbors gardens like me!)

– Freeze fresh fruit & vegetables for winter consumption.  ie: freeze extra berries you picked for smoothies & tomatoes for pasta sauce

– Watch for produce sales & incorporate those into meals

– Watch for rare but wonderful fresh produce coupons

– Watch the water sprayer:  Stores spray produce to keep it clean & fresh but you’re paying for the extra weight

– Be selective with organics.  If you prefer organics maybe focus on the “dirty dozen” to save some cash.

– Pair a sale with a coupon to score free or cheap frozen veggies.  Make sure to stock up!

Potatoes have been B1G1 for a few weeks.  I refuse to pay $3.99 per bag, so I only buy potatoes B1G1.  I use this recipe for Freezer Mashed Potatoes, so we can have potatoes even when they’re not on sale.  I don’t like all the extras in mashed potatoes, so this is all I do:

Cut potatoes & place in crock pot
Cover with water
Cook on low about 7 hrs or on high about 4 hrs
Add milk, butter, S&P
Beat until fluffy
Divide into 8 X 8 pans (I use round cake pans)
Cover & Freeze
Bake 350 degrees about 30 minutes or 1 hour if frozen


How do you save on produce?

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