My Harris Teeter Shopping Trip 3/26

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I’m super excited about my Harris Teeter shopping trip today!  I was able to get a ton of freebies!

You can see everything I purchased in the matchups except the Lava Bar $1.89 – $1/1 printable = FREE.

4 Barilla Pasta = FREE
1 Triscuit = FREE
1 Vaseline Spray = FREE
2 Mitchum Deodorant = FREE
1 Speed Stick Gear = FREE (found on an end cap)
1 Vidal Sassson shampoo = FREE
1 Dove Conditioner = FREE
1 Lave Bar = FREE
1 Olay Facial Cleaner Wipes = FREE
1 Garnier Shampoo = FREE
1 Crest Pro-Health Rinse = $1.99 plus MIR
2 Benecol Spread = FREE
1 Dole Fruit Crisp = $0.59
3 Hershey’s Spread= FREE

*My e-VIC coupons didn’t come off, so I was given cash at Customer Service.

Total Paid: $3.10
Total after MIR and Checout51 Rebate = Moneymaker!
Total Saved $89.04  Plus $3 MIR and $1 Checkout51 rebate

Share your shopping trips!

*HT is updating their system so you can’t access e-VIC coupons nor are they coming off at the register. My store just gave me the cash but not all stores will do this!


  1. Stacey says

    Mine ZVR’s didn’t either. They said I had to go home and print them and bring them back to get a refund and of course now it doesn’t want to load. However, they said it’ll be down ALL week and it’s because they are redoing the system. You will no longer be able to combine ZVR’s and regular coupons–no more stacking. This week I did ok but wasn’t as excited–some of the deals weren’t matching sales and coupons do it didn’t come out quite as great as I had hoped.

    • Dana Zeliff says

      Thanks for sharing. It would have been nice of them to give us a notice. I was on the site loading my coupons this morning.

  2. Mary says

    what zip did you use for the lava bar? or maybe its gone? and my evics didnt come off either….they said to wait until the site came back up and come back to get a refund…

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