Ask a Blogger: Putting in the Work

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Thanks to Amee with Madame Deals for this weeks post!

There are three rules I follow when asking someone for something.

1) Think out your plan of action and write it down

2) Determine why you are the best choice. What makes you special?

3) Create an impressive presentation. I make it so they can’t say no!

If you really want to work with someone then you need to be the best. You have to lead by working hard and earning their trust. You have to win the job. Why? Well if you are going to run an event or contest or represent them at a conference they need to know they can trust you. They need to believe that you have the ability and tenacity to accomplish a promotional strategy. If you want to be the best you must study what works and change what you are doing. If you want the big “giveaways or paychecks.” Then work for them.

I am reminded back to when I applied for College. I had great grades and a nice resume. I had okay SAT scores. I wanted to attend the University of Florida on scholarship. I knew to get a scholarship I would need to complete certain course work. I had a plan of attack and a goal. I did my research I put in the work and I got the scholarship.I also had to make sure I got in. I didn’t just send that paper package I send a book on why I should be a Gator! Yes, it worked because I put in the work.

If you a blogger who has the desire to work. A blogger who wants to learn more and who is willing to teach what you learn. You can apply to join the Mission Giveaway event team. You can read about the Mission Giveaway . Then you can fill out the Mission Giveaway application. Please allow two weeks for review.

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