Couponing Basics: Get a Coupon Email Address

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I have been talking about where to get printable coupons for a few weeks, and I’m not finished yet!  However, this week I wanted to step back and give everyone a bit of homework.  Your first assignment?  Set up a coupon email address. 

Why do you need a coupon email address?  You will be registering through a lot of websites to get coupons and free offers.  You don’t want these coupon related emails to clutter up your personal email account.

First, set up a new email account just for coupon use with a FREE service such as gmail, yahoo or hotmail.  Then whenever you are required to register to print coupons or to get on an email list for a store or restaurant, use that new coupon email address.  That way, all those emails are going to one account.  You can check your coupon email account as frequently or infrequently as you choose.

Next Up: Make sure you Set Up a Facebook Account to print coupons!


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