Couponing Basics: Understanding Coupon Terminology

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There is a standard for referencing coupons & coupon locations. Most sites you view should have similar abbreviations and coupon terminology.

Below are the most common:

  • Insert-the group of coupons found in the newspaper
  • SS-Smartsource coupon insert
  • RP-Red Plum coupon insert
  • P&G-Proctor and Gamble coupon insert
  • GM-General Mills insert
  • All You Mag-coupons from the All You Magazine (followed by issue month)
  • 01/02-date coupon insert was delivered (Jan. 2nd)
  • $1/2 or $0.50/1-the coupon value is $1 off when you buy 2 products or get $0.50 off when you buy 1.
  • $1/2 from 01/02 SS insert-get $1 off 2 products, coupon found in the Smartsource insert from Jan. 2nd
  • Peelie– coupon found stuck to an item (you have to “peel” it off)
  • Blinkie– coupon found in a machine near the item (usually has a blinking light)
  • Tearpad– coupon found on a pad near an item (you tear off a coupon)
  • Catalina– coupon or advertisement printed at the register (named after the machine itself)
  • Mailer-coupons received in the mail or included with a free sample
  • BOGO or B1G1-Buy 1 item, get 1 item Free
  • BOGO 50% off or B1G1 50% off -Buy 1 item, get 1 item 50% off the price
  • Printable coupon or IE-a coupon printed online
  • Overage – stores like Walmart don’t adjust a coupon down, you get the full price of the coupon value even if the product cost is less than the coupon value. Example – purchasing a product for $0.97, using a $1 off coupon give you $0.03 overage.
  • Moneymaker-sometimes you will make money by using a coupon paired with a register reward deal or similar promotion. Ex. Item price is $5.99, earn $5.99 RR. Essentially you are getting this item for free after the RR but if you have $1.50 coupon you only spent $4.49 and still received the $5.99 RR. You have made a “profit” of $1.50!
  • OOP-Out Of Pocket, initial expense
  • WYB-When You Buy, followed by a number (refers to needing to purchase a specific # of items)
  • RR-Register Reward from Walgreens
  • ECB-ExtraCare Buck from CVS-more to follow part 3
  • +UP Reward – Rite Aid reward
  • Roll” a Catalina-using a Catalina, RR or ECB earned from your 1st transaction to pay for your 2nd transaction, using the 2nd Catalina to pay for a 3rd transaction and so on
  • Stack – using a manufacture and store coupon together on 1 product. See more information coupon stacking here.
  • YMMV – “Your mileage may vary”  This deal may be dependent upon your specific store or store manager.

Use the store coupon matchups to put these coupon terms to go use!

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