Dollar Store Halloween DIY: Spooky Sparkle Spiders

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While not everyone is a fan of spiders, I do think everyone can agree these Spooky Sparkle Spiders are pretty adorable. With just a few dollar store supplies, you can make your own batch of Spooky Sparkle Spiders to adorn your house.  Halloween just would not be the same without these creepy crawlies, so take a look below at how to make your own.

Supplies Needed:
Package of Styrofoam craft balls
Craft glue
Fine Glitter
Pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
Hot glue and glue gun

Dollar Tree carries all of the items listed above. You will find all of these supplies in the crafting aisle of the store.

1. First, pick two Styrofoam balls of different sizes. One will be the head and the other will act as the body. Apply a generous dab of hot glue to the smaller ball and press it to the larger one. Hold it in place for one minute until it adheres.
2. Once dry, use your finger to apply craft glue to the entire head and body of the spider. You want to make sure you coat the entire piece.
3. Hold the spider over a paper towel with one hand, and with the opposite hand sprinkle on the fine craft glitter generously.
4. Once the spider is covered, set it aside to dry.
5. When your spider body is dry, you can then glue on the googly eyes and attach the legs. To attach the legs, cut eight sections of pipe cleaner and just poke it into the side of the body. Adjust the legs as needed to make the spider able to stand on its own.

You are now all ready to display your Spooky Sparkle Spiders! You can place them on a shelf, on a desktop, or anywhere that can use a little Halloween glitter and glam. You will have plenty of supplies leftover to make several spiders, so why not create a whole family? These are one kind of spider you will love having around!

Total Cost = $4
(assuming you already have craft glue and a glue gun w/ glue sticks)

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  1. Karen M. says

    I love the Sparkly Spiders! They seem very easy to make…I am craft challeneged! I will make these next year for sure.


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