Dollar Store Halloween DIY: Spooky Straws Craft

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Halloween time means lots of parties, so you’ll find yourself on the lookout for fun and festive party supplies. Sure, you could go to the local party supply store or retail store and spend big bucks on these items OR you can try making some of them yourself!

Making your own spooky party supplies is a lot easier than you may think, and you can get started with this easy peasy DIY project right here. These Spooky Straws are perfect for sipping your brew at your Halloween parties and festivities.

You only need a few supplies to make them, all of which can be found at your local dollar store. Take a peek!

Supplies Needed:
Orange bendy straws
Hot glue, glue gun
Package of googly eyes

That’s it! As mentioned, you can find all of these items at your local Dollar Tree store. Just look in the Halloween themed aisles and craft aisles.

1. This craft really could not be any easier. Simply apply a generous dab of glue to the back of your large googly eye. You will notice that Dollar Tree sells a bag of these eyes all in different sizes, so for this craft make sure you use the largest eye size since they look best.
2. Once the glue is applied gently press the eye to the straw and hold it firmly in place. It will take several seconds to adhere, so do not move the piece for a few minutes until the glue has had a chance to set.
3. When you straw is dry, you are all ready to use it. Just place it in your favorite drink and sip away.

As you can see, these spooky straws will look so fun just gathered in a jar and set out on your Halloween table. Guests will love using them, as will your kiddos should you just decide to make them for your evening dinner. Either way, give this simple dollar store DIY a try and you can get festive for less.

Total Cost = $2
(assuming you already have a glue gun w/ glue sticks)

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