Farm Fresh Coupon Matchups 08/24-08/30

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Farm Fresh coupon matchups are done!  I’m looking forward to getting to the store this week.  I’d like to add more FREE Ken’s salad dressing to my stockpile & pick up a few of the Catalina Promo deals.

Let me know if you find other deals or have corrections!

*The Mt. Pleasant location is having a Wine Tasting on Saturday, August 27th from 12-4pm.  I plan to be there around noon.  Hope to see some of you there!

Dollar Coupon Final Prices Assume Shopping on Wednesday.  Add $1 Thurs-Tues.


    • Double $1 coupons are on Wednesday ONLY
    • Double coupons up to and including $0.99 everyday.
    • Limit 2 like coupons per transaction.
    • Limit 20 coupons per person per day.
    • B1G1 items ring at half price.
    • Some stores are no longer allowing doubles on coupons that state “Do Not Double”.
    • Present a Military ID for 10% off Farm Fresh family brand products
    • Bring your reusable shopping bags for $0.05 off per bag
    • Get the Farm Fresh Coupon Policy

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This list has expired
Free Water Promo
Frozen Food Promo
Kellogg's Promo
Top Personal & Household Deals
The More Your Shop, The More You Save Promo

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  1. Stace says

    Am I the only one hesitate to buy any freezer items–especially meat–with the storm coming? 😉 But I’ll happily stock up on the water and pantry items!

  2. Stace says

    btw the schick coupon says there are no prints for this campaign. also we just got a $1 off two 8oz multi pack deer park coupon in the redplum–for those of us who get it earlier in the week.

    • Dana says

      I hate it when they show the campaign as active then don’t have prints. I’ll remove that coupon.

      How did I miss the water coupon! Back to the store for me

  3. Stace says

    Well I went to our FF at about 9:30 or 10am and they only had one nestle $2.77 24 pack left. I got that and Ryan (love that guy!) said I could substitute Dansani water for it. Shame they didn’t have more of that in stock. They still had a ton of that deer park 99 cents mini packs though so I hope you got some! My girls will love those–the lil 8oz bottles. 12 for 99 cents. Works for me so I got two of those. Did the kelloggs multiple times due to NJ coupons I had. That was a little too “junky” for my liking (fruit snacks, cookies, cereal bars, rice krispie treats and cereal) BUT with school starting, I always allow the girls one “treat” in their lunchbags so I’ll be set for a while. Free dressing (it was picked over by 10am though), free pasta, juicey juice juiceboxes, the pudding…I skipped the chicken nuggets and such. almost all of my stuff was dry goods today. My pantry is about to explode but atleast if the power goes out, I won’t worry about that stock ;p As for the water–I just paid 4.48 for a 24 pack of storebrand at walmart yesterday. RIPE OFF! after today’s deal of 99 cents and 2.77. Grr. I’m just giving yesterday’s cases to my neighbor though so she won’t have to try and get water around her crazy work schedule AND she’s been nice enough to let me borrow her mower when mine broke soo….great week though. I haven’t had a cart that full in a long time.

    • Dana says

      Yes, Ryan is super helpful. Those little water bottles make my kids happy too – it’s so funny how a mini water bottle makes their day.

      I felt like my trip was junkie too. I also allow a treat with their lunches so I have to start stocking up too.

      I got the last 2 bottles of Italian when I was there around 8:30 or so

      You are all such friendly neighbors. Mine are all nice but I don’t know them as well as you all seem to know each other

  4. Rochelle says

    I think there is also a Lysol rebate for B2G1 free, so that makes it a better deal:-). Also, on the Rice Krispie boxes I got there was a peelie for free marshmallows with a purchase of 2 boxes! Thanks Dana for all your work!

  5. Heather says

    Just as an FYI– I was told at the Shoulder’s Hill FF today that they will no longer be allowing more than one transaction and that it is for all stores. Was anyone else told this?

    • Jen says

      Hi Heather,

      I am in Richmond, VA. I have not been told this, nor am I sure how they would be able to do this without the use of a loyalty card. I normally do one transaction in the am and one in the evening!

    • Dana says

      I think it will depend on the store. It is something to be aware of for those of you shopping at Shoulders Hill

  6. Tasia says

    Thanks for your list! Today I got 2 boxes of cake mix, 2 containers of frosting, 2 bags of Bugles, 2 bags of Chex Mix, 4 cans of Tuna & 2 bottles of Ken’s Dressing for .30!!! I wasn’t able to get the Gulden’s Mustard because when I got to the register I noticed that the coupon I had for it was expired! My total would have been even cheaper if I remembered that I put my reusable bags at the bottom of my cart to use at checkout :( Can’t remember everything, especially when you have 2 kids playing in the cart!

    • Dana says

      My Gulden’s had expired too – we must not have gotten the other coupon in our area. I really don’t like those regional differences sometimes.

      I’m looking forward to school starting so I don’t have to shop with my kids anymore. It was nice to finally shop alone – less mistakes for me then too


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