Farm Fresh Deals 03/23-03/29

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Farm Fresh coupon matchups are done!  I onlylisted coupon matchups this week.  I usually wake up at 4am, but my alarm didn’t go off.  I woke up at 6:20!  I’m excited about the Instant Savings Promo! 

Let me know about your shopping successes later :-)

Let me know if you find other deals or have corrections!

Looking for Harris Teeter Super Doubles?  Get the regular price items & sale ad matchups

Dollar Coupon Final Prices Assume Shopping on Wednesday.  Add $1 Thurs-Tues.


  • Double $1 coupons are on Wednesday ONLY
  • Double coupons up to and including $0.99 everyday.
  • Limit 2 like coupons per transaction. 
  • Limit 20 coupons per person per day.
  • B1G1 items ring at half price. 
  • Some stores are no longer allowing doubles on coupons that state “Do Not Double”.
  • Present a Military ID for 10% off Farm Fresh family brand products
  • Bring your reusable shopping bags for $0.05 off per bag
  • Get the Farm Fresh Coupon Policy

This list has expired
Personal Care/ Heathcare
Save $5 off Your Next Trip when you purchase 420 of Select J&J Products
Pet Care
Baby Care
Labels For Education Promo
Save $5 Instantly When you purchase 10 Participating Products

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  1. Ann T. says

    I did great today! I ended up getting $203.73 worth of groceries for $77.61! I even got more chicken breast because they were still marked $1.99 a pound and they have the $1.50 peelie off the chicken if you bought Phillidelphia Cooking Cream. I still had coupons from my house party so I got 2 free and one for $1.19. The cashier tried to tell me that the coupon was for the cooking cream but I pointed out that it said off of chicken . She said she would give it to me but she really thought it was suppose to be off the cooking cream.

      • Ann T. says

        Yes, I was at Teeter by 7:30 and was done and home with Farm Fresh by 9:30. I have a cake I am working on today and needed to get it done. I started baking at 9:30 and I am almost done with the decorating. This has been a very easy one! Thankfully!

          • Ann T. says

            If there were any cake scraps left. My children have already devoured them! It doesn’t take long at my house! If it isn’t my kids eating them, then the neighbors are over here! I will email you a picture.

  2. Andrea says

    Be careful with those Campbells soups! My Farm Fresh had quite a few that were NOT included in the 2/$3 sale and I ended up paying too much. :( Hopefully my mistake will encourage someone else to be careful!

      • Andrea says

        Can I do that? Do you think they’ll still honor the price with coupons, considering I can’t reprint? If so, I most likely would!

        • says

          Technically, they could give you the value back after the coupon but I don’t think it’s ever happened before. I’ve bought an item not part of the sale and returned or exchanged the items without a problem.

          Most stores have excellent customer service and it can be difficult when the tags aren’t up on the sale items early on Wedn. to know which varieties are included

  3. Andrea says

    One more question! Isn’t their policy with BOGO coupons on Double Coupon days that the one you do have to pay for is half priced? Or have I been reading that wrong? For example, I bought two boxes of Better Oats Oatmeal ($1.25 each) and used a BOGO coupon and paid $1.25 for both boxes- but should I have paid $0.63? How does that part work?

    • says

      I’m not sure if I’m reading this right but if the price is $1.25 each, you buy 2 and use a BOGO coupon, then you should only pay a total of $1.25 for both oatmeal. Because you got 1 free. Double coupon day shouldn’t matter.

      You buy 1 at regular price and the coupon gives you 1 of them free

      • Andrea says

        I misread the policy and thought there was an added discount. Still a good price! Thanks for clarifying! (Also. they let me exchange the soup and refunded me the difference. I wouldn’t have expected that but it was a nice surprise!)

  4. Bill says

    I was just told on Wednesday that Farm Fresh no longer offers rainchecks. Can you confirm this?


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