Farm Fresh Sale Ad Coupon Matchups 02/08-02/14

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Farm Fresh coupon matchups are done early!  For the first time ever, the ad was released early!  I was super excited about this until I saw the ad.  The deals are awesome but there were sooo many I didn’t think I would ever be finished :-)

It’s a great week to shop at Farm Fresh!  Head over to the Farm Fresh Facebook page and tell them thanks for posting the ad early.

Let me know if you find other deals or have corrections!  It’s after 1am, so I may have math errors.

Dollar Coupon Final Prices Assume Shopping on Wednesday.  Add $1 Thurs-Tues
    • Double $1 coupons are on Wednesday ONLY
    • Double coupons up to and including $0.99 everyday.
    • Limit 2 like coupons per transaction.
    • Limit 20 coupons per person per day.
    • B1G1 items ring at half price.
    • Some stores are no longer allowing doubles on coupons that state “Do Not Double”.
    • Present a Military ID for 10% off Farm Fresh family brand products
    • Bring your reusable shopping bags for $0.05 off per bag

This list has expired
Baby Care
Dove/Degree Promo
The More You Save Catalina Promo
FREE Milk Promo

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  1. Kathryn says

    Neither Old Orchard coupon is showing available to me.
    Sara Lee Facebook coupon doesn’t look like it is available anymore either.

    Thanks for the early list!

  2. MELISSA says

    Mission Tortilla chips are 2/$4.00. If you were able to print the $1/1 coupon last week they will be free.

    Also, the Lindsay Olives coupon is no longer available.

  3. Stacey says

    Dana-since I believe we receive the same paper, you should have the tidy cat coupon because I do. it’s in the 1/29 RP on the backside of the second page. Also, I don’t believe we received the keebler/sunshine cheez it coupon in that 1/29RP? that I don’t see…thanks for this! wish I hadn’t gone up to bed at 6:30 last night now lol

    • Dana says

      Interesting. I didn’t get the Tidy Cat (I specifically looked for it to give to a friend). I did get the Cheez-it coupon on the 1/29 RP though. I have the coupon clipped and just checked the insert variation. It should be the RP since I only had 2

        • Dana says

          We usually do get the same coupons except when you get the fun out of states ones :)

          I hope the difference isn’t going to be the new norm. There are already too many regional differences as it is

          • Stacey says

            Yeah gotta love the NJ coupons :) I’m thinking/wondering now if I used it already? Hmmm I remember a cheez it deal recently so you know what lady? I betcha I did it and just used it. Cheez its only last a day in our house so they wouldn’t still be in my pantry ;p But I did get the tidy cat coupon.

  4. Amber says

    I have the cheez it coupon (in Norfolk) but don’t know where it came from since it is already cut out…

    Be sure to check the mission tortilla chips for $1 peelies that they usually have on them- @ least the military highway store usually does.

  5. kim says

    I did awesome this morning… $3.20 for 8 boxes of Pasta Roni, 2 bottles of Kens salad dressing, 2 cans of blue diamond nuts, 3 packages of Trident gum (clearance of $1.01), 1 pkg of Up2U gum, French’s dijon mustard, & 1 strip of RapidRise yeast

  6. Stacey says

    Ok question for you all–we know the FF on mt pleasant is great about catalina’s. they let you use it on a second transaction and only if there is a line do you have to go to the back of the line and wait to do your second transaction so you don’t hold anyone up (makes total sense…I am a couponer but even I don’t like being behind someone doing 3, 4 and 5 transactions). And worst case i’ve ever heard of is having to leave the store and come back in and that was a while ago. I had a wonderful experience with our mt pleasant FF this morning (as I always do). my only issue was that I think it was my snackwells bars cat didn’t want to print (but they rectified that) and they were out of planter’s bars.

    Ok, moving on to my issue of the day. I really wanted the planter’s bars since my husband likes them and I had one 75 cent coupon and one $1 coupon so I wanted to go today. So I went to the dreaded great bridge blvd FF (in the little ceasar’s plaza) I’m sorry but I’ve had nothing but issues there. Alrighty, so I do the planter’s deal and receive my $1 cat that says (and I quote) “good for $1 off your next purchase of $1 or more). so I then do a second transaction of things i had forgotten before–paper towels and tissues. The cashier says “oh no, you can’t use that…it has to be used the next day” I looked at her puzzled. The exchange between us wasn’t overly pleasant but in the end, she snapped that I had to use it the next day and that she didn’t make the rules and she handed it back to me. I try hard to be nice to cashiers because I know it’s frustrating but I was really puzzled since the cat actually doesn’t even say “next visit” like some of them do. it actually just says “next purchase” yeah welp, there’s my next purchase–behind that lil divider thingie. So really? What the heck? Is it a huge deal in the end? No…I’ll just use it next week back at our ole favorite mt pleasant store but it was her overall attitude about it and refusal to give me a good reason why I couldn’t use it right away when it doesn’t state otherwise bothered me and made me wonder how other FF’s around HR handle the catalinas received–can they be used on the next transaction or have to be used on another day?


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