Farm Fresh Sale Ad Coupon Matchups 5/8-5/14

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Farm Fresh coupon matchups are done!  It’s a short ad again this week.

*Promo: Get $10 in FREE Grocery’s when you purchase $100 or more in select gift cards.  Coupon issued at checkout.

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Let me know if you find other deals or have corrections!

Dollar Coupon Final Prices Assume Shopping on Wednesday. Add $1 Thurs-Tues.
  • Double $1 coupons are on Wednesday ONLY.
  • Double coupons up to and including $0.99 everyday.
  • Limit 2 like coupons per shopping visit.
  • Limit 20 coupons doubled per person per day.
  • B1G1 items ring at half price.
  • Doubles not allowed on coupons that state “Do Not Double”.
  • Farm Fresh Military Discount Policy – Present a Military ID for 10% off Farm Fresh Family Brand Products everyday
  • Bring your reusable shopping bags for $0.05 off per bag
  • Get the Farm Fresh Supermarkets Coupon Policy

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    • Dana Zeliff says

      Unfortunately, store gift cards aren’t included. I just added the offer image to the post.

  1. Jenifer says

    Wandering the store today, I noticed a lot of “Buy 10” tags for things not in the ad, like the Fiber One Bars and some GM cereals mentioned by a commenter in your match up last week.
    The tags indicate the “Buy 10” deal is 5/1 – 5/21.
    So by next week, we’ll have three ads worth of items to choose from. Does anyone still have last week’s ad? Next Tuesday, if you have time, it would be great to see a full list compiled with all the Buy 10 deals together. I haven’t used a single coupon at Farm Fresh in three weeks, but maybe next week! Thanks!

  2. jeni says

    I was given a 22 page printout of all the unadvertised deals that last thru the 23rd. I hope someone will help me do the matchups on these! I didn’t put all the types of each thing, like all the different fuze drinks but figured you could figure that out.Hope this helps

    Farm Fresh unadvertised daily deals
    240 oz Pep Crush Orange 5.49
    Lipton tea 6 pk 549
    20 pk Pepsi products 5.49
    54 fl oz Juicy Juice
    2L Country Time Lemonade 1.49
    Power D 8 pk 4.99
    32 fl oz Powdered Sports Drink 4 @ $5
    32 oz Propel $1
    6 x 16 l oz Snapple 4.99
    2L Welches Soda 1.49
    2L Hawaiin Punch 1.49
    2L 7-Up 1.49
    2L Sunkist 1.49
    2L Ginger Ale 1.49
    2L RC Cola 1.49
    2L Sundrop 1.49
    18 fl oz Fuze 4 @ $5
    101.4 vitamin water 4.99
    Juicy Juice 2.99
    Caribou Daybreak 6.99
    Newmans K cup 6.99
    Green Mountain K cup 6.99
    Celestial K cup 6.99
    12 fl oz Tropcn OJ 1.49

    Fiber One Bars, Nature Valley & Quaker Granola bars 2.99
    17 oz Cinnamon Toast crunch 2.99
    16 oz Golden Grahms 2.99
    14 oz Cherrios 2.99
    2 oz Kix & Kix Honey 2.99
    14.8 Trix 2.99
    15.6 Cookie Crisp 2.99

    Betty Crocker cake mix 1.49
    Nature Valley trail mix 2.99

    8.5 Utz 2.49
    13.5 Tostitos Tortilla Chips 2.99
    10 oz Lay’s 2.99
    Triscuits 2.49
    Wheat Thins 2.49

    Lachoy 2.49
    15 oz Healthy choice soup 1.49
    15 oz Healthy Choice Soups 1.49
    McCormick Grilmates 2.49
    12 oz Guldens Mustard Squeeze 1.29
    Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 2 for $5
    Hunts Tomatoes 1.00
    Pam Cooking Spray 2.88
    Hunts BBQ 4 @$5

    Beneful Prpared meals 10 0z 1.99
    Purina Busy Bone 3.49
    3.15 lb Frisks cat food 3.99

    Lean Cuisine some are 1.99 and the others are 2.49
    12 oz Green Giant 1.99
    9 0z Lean Pocket and Hot Pocket 2.29
    48 oz Edy’s 3.99
    14 oz HGNDZS Ice Cream 3.99
    6 ct Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches 4.49
    Klondike Bar 3.27
    Dannon, Activia and Danimals 1.99
    8 oz CRYST1 Cheese shredded or block 2.49
    32 fl oz Coffee Mate 2.99


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