Get RedPlum Inserts in the Mail

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I already get my RedPlum inserts in the mail on Tuesday.  However, many of you miss out on these great coupons each week.  I hope this will help solve your problem:

Fill out your contact info and select “Add to List”.  You should start receiving your RedPlum insert within 5 to 6 weeks.

(This is only for areas that do not have Redplum inserts in their newspaper.)

Please let me know if you sign up and this works for you, so I know to recommend this option in the future.


  1. Dawn says

    Thanks! I tried several weeks ago to sign up and get this in the mail, but they said I didn’t qualify, though we don’t get the insert in the paper. Worked this time, though. :)

  2. Brandy Kinney says

    I am not able to get the Red Plum insert through the newspaper, I am very very upset as I am a crazy coupon mom! I don’t just want to save money I must. I am a single mother with no income right now. These coupons are critical so that I can keep food on the table for my boys. I hope you can assist with this matter. I appreciate your time.

    Brandy Kinney

    • Dana says

      You really do need those coupons! Try the link above and see if it works. They told me I get the RP in the newspaper, I don’t.

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