Getting Started Part 2-Walgreen’s

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Walgreen’s runs fantastic promotions which allow you to pick up household and personal items cheap or FREE. The key to making the most out of drug store shopping is to know how to combine manufacturer’s coupons with in-ad coupons and even better Reward Programs. Before we get started here are a few basic things to remember:

-Get organized before going to the store! Know what you are going to buy and have the coupons out for those products.
-Note if you need to do separate transactions and separate the coupons accordingly.
-Bring a calculator or use your cell phone (in case you need to rework a deal) and take the weekly circular ad or pick one up when entering the store.

Register Rewards (RR)

At Walgreen’s you can earn Register Rewards (RR) on specific products. RR are manufactures coupons that print from a Catalina machine at the register. These RR are Walgreen’s specific (more on that later) and are worth a certain value just like a standard coupon. RR deals are listed in the weekly circular ad, and you will find matchup’s on my site and many other blog’s telling you what to buy and even giving deal ideas. These RR can be “rolled” to produce more RR thus lowering your total out of pocket expense. RR deals can also be combined with manufacturer’s coupons to get an item cheap, free or make it a moneymaker! This is the Drug store “Game,” getting paid to shop at the store!
Keep in mind:
-RR expire after 2 weeks!!!
-RR can be used to purchase anything in the store, except the same item (see below)

In-Ad Coupons

In-ad coupons are store coupons that lower the cost of an item or items. The great thing about in-ad coupons is that you can combine these with a manufacturer coupon to get free or almost free items. Just make sure to watch for a quantity limit for the coupon.

In-store Coupon Booklets

Monthly, Walgreen’s has a coupon booklet that will be located at the front of the store. This booklet contains Walgreen’s specific coupons and can be combined with manufacturer’s coupons. These help lower the cost of items. You can usually find a Healthy Savings Coupon Booklet by the Pharmacy and periodically ad flyer’s at the register. You don’t need to cut these coupons out, just show to the cashier and she/he will scan the coupon.

Things to Know

*You can purchase multiple DIFFERENT items in 1 transaction and get multiple RR to print. You can’t purchase 2 or more of the SAME products in 1 transaction and get 2 or more RR to print. You must separate RR deals for the SAME item into different transactions to earn a RR for each item. Example, Pantene earns $5 RR, Keebler cookies earns $3 RR and Sure Deodorant earns $2 RR. All these items are DIFFERENT so they can be purchased in 1 transaction giving you 3 RR. However, you can’t buy 2 Pantene in the same transaction and earn 2 $5 RR; you’ll only get 1 back. So, Separate items that are the Same!

*You can purchase items that are DIFFERENT and pay with a RR; this is the only way to “roll” a RR. You can’t use a RR to purchase items that are the SAME. You can’t use the $2 Sure RR to purchase another Sure, either the register will beep or if it allows it, you won’t get another RR printed. The key to lowering your out of pocket expense is to use RR of similar value to pay for DIFFERENT items of similar value. Example, you could use the $3 Keebler cookie RR to help pay for the Pantene. Better yet, find 2 items that earn the same value RR and flip flop back and forth between the 2 items. Example, Pantene earns $5 RR and Venus Razor earns $5 RR. Buy Pantene in 1 transaction then purchase Razor in 2nd transaction using $5 Pantene RR, purchase another Pantene in 3rd transaction using $5 RR from Razor and so on….

*You MUST have the same total # of items as total # of manufacturer coupons.  Remember that RR are manufacturer coupons!  Store coupons don’t count for this.  Use “fillers” (cheap or clearance items) to bring your total # of items up. Example, I purchased the Pantene, Keebler and Sure in 1 transaction and had a coupon for each, but I also wanted to use my RR from last weeks Diapers. I have 4 coupons but only 3 items. I must buy a “filler” item. My kids love to pick candy for good behavior but that gets costly. I had found clearance chapstick for $0.25 awhile back so I used those as “fillers” for a long time.

You need to hand over coupons in the following order:
1 Manufacture (printable or Sunday’s paper)
2 Walgreen’s coupon
3 Register Reward

Cashiers won’t usually override and handing the store coupon b/4 the manufacture can cause the register to beep and you to lose a deal. Stick with this order and you should be good.

Note: There isn’t an official Walgreen’s policy, so you might see different allowances at different locations. Example, some Walgreen’s will allow you to use a BOGO coupon in conjunction with a BOGO in store deal getting 2 free, others won’t allow the coupon and you get 1 free.

Where to use your Register Rewards:

Walgreen’s RR are meant to be used at Walgreen’s; however, Harris Teeter accepts 1 competitors coupon per transaction. This can sweeten a deal at Harris Teeter or let you use an RR before it expires (sometimes there are weeks that I really don’t want anything at Walgreen’s, but milk is cheaper at Harris Teeter than at Walgreen’s. Further, if you throw away an RR you might as well have taken the cash and thrown it in the trash!)

Farm Fresh is also said to accept 1competators manufacture coupon per transaction, and I’ve done it once but it doesn’t seem to be as commonly known by FF employees as it is at HT.

New more help? Email me

(These are fictional RR deals)
(Photo for WAGS Feb coupon book from Slick Deals)

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  1. Jackie says

    I've been following and couponing for a couple of months now and because of my frustrating time today at Wags I decided to read this…hmm..learned a lot of things I didn't know. I read this before but it makes more sense now that I have the lingo down! haha. A lot of this just went over my head as a beginner! Thanks for being so helpful with your posts!

  2. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says

    I'm glad you're finding WAGS shopping easier! Let me know if there were specifics that left you confused, so I can adjust or add for others. Thanks.

  3. carsmall says

    You stated "Cashiers won’t usually override and handing the manufacture b/4 the store can cause the register to beep and you to lose a deal. Stick with this order and you should be good."

    you have the order as mfg, store , & then RR but the statment above seems to counteract that (mfg b4 the store…can cause you to lose a deal)…just a little confused as i'm new to this & learning…and loving it. thanks for your help

  4. Dana @ The Coupon Challenge says

    Thank you! You are the first person to notice my mistake! Sorry about that! Hand the manufacture coupon before the store coupon.

    Let me know what other questions you have! I'm always tweaking the pieces to make them more useful based on reader comments and emails.


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