Gillette® and Old Spice® at Dollar General: Look and Smell Good All Summer Long!

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My husband is a handsome man, I have to admit. He likes dressing well and looking nice. Whether he is teaching, working at the office or taking me out for dinner – he always looks (and smells) good. He especially likes a clean-shaved face but with his genetics he is ALWAYS in the bathroom with his favorite Gillette® razor. While the hassle of having to shave every other day is annoying, the man does have eyelashes that women everywhere are envious of and our children were born with full heads of glorious hair. So, there are perks :)

While my husband is a good looking guy, he is also sensitive too. As in, EXTREMELY sensitive to smells. I can’t even burn scented candles in this house! For some reason though, Old Spice deodorant has always been on the “I can tolerate this” list. I, for one, couldn’t care less about what brand of shampoos/lotion/deodorant I use, but I have to be a bit more brand specific with him. The things we do for the people we love, right!? He has sensitive skin too, so he is always looking for the smoothest possible shave and he finds that Gillette® makes a razor that he likes that doesn’t cut up his face.

I was SO excited when I found out that I could get his favorite products at Dollar General! Did you know that they stock the following items at your Dollar General?

  • Gillette® Fusion Silver ProGlide Razor (1 Count)
  • Gillette® Venus Blade Razor (1 Count) (I know this is for women, but I really like mine!)
  • Old Spice® High Endurance Pure Sport deodorant
  • Old Spice® High Endurance Pure Sport bar soap

Since I am always combining coupons and sales, I can generally pick up these items at unbeatable prices, too! Check out The Coupon Database to find the best coupons, and visit Dollar Generals coupon page to print a $5 off $30 coupon to make shopping for grooming products at Dollar General even sweeter.

Dollar General sells many different personal grooming products, so be sure to stop in and pick up everything you need to keep your man (and you!) looking and smelling nice all summer long.

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