Halloween Dollar Store Craft: Clever Cupcake Cup Owls

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Let’s face it: the owl craze is not going anywhere anytime soon.  This Halloween season don’t try to beat them,  join them with these DIY Clever Cupcake Cup Owls.

Easy to make and inexpensive too, these owls are sure to be a hoot of a time creating and add some real charm to your Halloween décor. Plus, kids will even enjoy this craft too. So why not gather them around the table and see how easy it is to create these Clever Cupcake Cup Owls?

Supplies Needed:
Assorted cupcake cups
Construction paper

Don’t you love it when a craft only requires a handful of supplies like this one?

1. First you will want to compose the body of the owl. To do this, pick 4-5 cups that you are going to loosely stack on top of each other.
2. To create the body, place each of the 4-5 cups on top of each other. You can either glue them in place as is, or add a small wadded up piece of paper in between each layer to create some height.
3. Next, let’s make some wings. To do this you want to either fold two cups in half creating a half moon, or fold them in half and then in half again to create more of a triangle shape. The choice is yours. Use a generous dab of glue to adhere the wings to the side of the body.
4. For your owl’s face, this is where the construction paper comes into place. Make two large circles for eyes and two smaller ones for pupils. You can also cut a simple triangle for a nose. Attach the pieces with glue to the front of your owl.
5. Lastly you are going to need some ears. You can either bend the cupcake cup as mentioned above into a triangle, or you can cut triangle ears from your construction paper. Glue into place.

Your owl is now all ready to be displayed. Prop him on a bookshelf or even your office desk. Kids will love showing their off and perhaps even giving them as gifts. Either way, these little guys are the perfect Halloween craft for anyone who loves owls and loves saving money! Give it a try!

Total Cost = $2
(assuming you already have scissors & glue.  You might even have construction paper on hand too)

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