Hampton Roads: Bloom and Bottom Dollar to Become Food Lion

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According to WVEC – Four Bottom Dollar stores will be closing within 30 days.  Additionally, 12 Bloom and Bottom Dollar stores will become Food Lions. The conversion process will begin immediately.

The Bloom banner will be retired in a move to strength the Food Lion brand.

Bottom Dollar, 6 Elmhurst St., Newport News
Bottom Dollar, 10143 Jefferson Ave., Newport News
Bottom Dollar, 3935 Twin Pines Road, Portsmouth
Bottom Dollar, 1505 Lynnhaven Parkway, Va. Beach

Bloom, 717 Battlefield Blvd S., Chesapeake
Bloom, 1941 S. Church Street, Smithfield
Bloom, 2005 Sandbridge Rd., Va. Beach
Bloom, 2817 Shore Drive, Va. Beach
Bloom, 1234 Richmond Road, Williamsburg
Bloom, 2753 5251 John Tyler Hwy., Williamsburg
Bottom Dollar, 85 Coliseum Crossing, Hampton
Bottom Dollar, 12917 Jefferson Ave., Newport News
Bottom Dollar, 2401 Colley Ave., Norfolk
Bottom Dollar, 1235 N. Military Hwy., Norfolk
Bottom Dollar, 8401 Hampton Blvd., Norfolk
Bottom Dollar, 6203 Va. Beach Blvd., Norfolk

Personally, I prefer Bloom over both Food Lion and Bottom Dollar.  What are your thoughts?

Thanks to A Frugal Chick for sharing the article and WVEC for the image!


  1. donna says

    Agreed. This saddens me as I don’t think food lion is going to pick up bloom’s super doubles either. Bloom is just a better store all around. Hope they don’t change too much as far as the items or the service

  2. Keli says

    I agree totally w/ Donna, this is not good news! Food Lion, in my experience, is not a clean, organized or customer friendly chain. I will be sad to see the super doubles go away as well. I believe Food Lion doesn’t every double any coupons of any kind at all? Looks like my shopping at Farm Fresh and Harris Teeter is going to increase w/ the loss of Bloom-oh well.

  3. Sarah says

    There are a lot of changes happening to Food Lion coming. They are going to be competing with Walmart more so prices are suppose to be gradually lowering.

  4. Renae says

    I agree, I’m very sadden by this news, this would make us to have 3 Food Lions within miles of each other in the area that I live in which makes no sense at all. Overall I love the quality of Blooms food, the customer service and will truly miss the double coupon savings. I feel that the change should be the other way around Food Lion should change to Blooms, especially being that they have been around for a very long time. Change is good.

  5. Dana says

    I completely agree!

    Bloom stores have always been cleaner and of higher quality. The Super Doubles will also be a huge loss. Each week when I look at the Food Lion ad, I just shake my head. I rarely set foot in a Food Lion & don’t intend to start unless major changes are made.

    • Debbie says

      I live less than a mile from two different Food Lions. I used to shop exclusively at Food Lion until I started using coupons 3 years ago. I would love major changes to Food Lion for convenience sake, but right now I am driving the extra 10-15 minutes to stores that speak my shopping “language”!

  6. Jessica Yager says

    Well, that stinks… I LOVE Bloom! I’ll be sad to see the double and super double coupons go! I hope Food Lion will pick up the habit!


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