My Farm Fresh Mega Event Shopping Trip 07/22

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My shopping trip to Farm Fresh this morning was great!  There was still plenty of items in stock at 9am and I actually had to pick and choose which products to buy now and which to buy later.  During the past few events, I didn’t even use 20 coupons!

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2 Tabasco = FREE
2 Werthers Candy = FREE
2 Nestle Crunch Bars $0.89 – $0.75/2 from 07/08 SS = FREE
4 Dole Pineapple = FREE (plus earned $0.50 CAT from Dole for buying 3+)
2 Belvita = $1.48 (plus earned $1 CAT)
2 Mt Olive Relish Squeeze = $1.38
2 Quaker Breakfast Bars = $$0.50
2 Emerald to go = $1 (plus earned $1 CAT)
5 YoCrunch Yogurts = $0.75
1 Bisquick = $0.69
2 Softsoap = $0.50
2 Nexcare Bandages $2 – $0.55/1 = $0.75 for both

Total Paid $2.89
Total Saved $41.58
Earned $2.50 in CATS

How did you do?


  1. Melanie says

    well, i was stoked with my 60% until i read your post! :) still happy. i am just starting to learn the game.

  2. Eva says

    Mine was 77%, but I still some coupon left to use tomorrow. Also I had to buy bread I didn’t have coupon for.

  3. Angel says

    Wow! That is awesome! I did 86%, I included a CVS run for the free Stayfree and I bought newspapers, I have 4 papers subscriptions, but got only 1 for the 2nd week in a roll!

    • Dana says

      I hope they sent you a replacement paper with the coupons or at least gave you a credit for the missing papers.

  4. Kelley says

    I saved 58% this morning. I was very happy with that. I went back this afternoon and saved 54%. The shelves were very well stocked and they were out of only a few items!

  5. Jessie D says

    I had a great trip today. Everything I wanted was in stock except the Yo crunch. My store doesn’t carry the single cups. I will try another store later. I saved 72%! Thanks Dana!

    • Dana says

      My store was sold out of the YoCrunch today :( My kids really wanted 5 more too. Hopefully another store has them for you!

  6. Angel says

    Thank you Dana! Yes I called them so they will credit me with 6 this week! It happened the first time I got my subscription, and since I moved they have to redo it again!

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