My Farm Fresh Shopping Trip 01/12 (Linky)

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I’m sooo sad I didn’t have the coupon booklet from Harris Teeter from way back.  I could have done much better with the Kellogg’s deal.  I spent $5 for all 6 products.  More than I would have liked but at least the kids will be happy!

See my Farm Fresh coupon matchups

1 Sunshine Cheez it $1.50
5 Kellogg’s Cereal $3.50
1 Mueller’s Lasagna $0.29 (I didn’t have any lasagna noodles)
3 Campbell’s Tomato soup $0.37
Creta Farm Cooked Ham $5.99lb – $1/1lb from 01/09 SS insert = $4.23
1 Tide Stain Release reduce $2.60 – $1/1 = $0.60
1 Activia FREE
1 Colgate Toothpaste FREE
1 Bag potatoes $1.99
1 Cheddar cheese $2.49
Chicken reduced $2.72

Total Paid $19.72
Total Saved $22.10

How did you do?


  1. Stacey says

    Ack! I missed a potato deal?! The irish in me is not happy about that :) I have a baked potato every day for lunch. I did the free yogurt (duh!), green giant veggies for free, 2.99 bag of apples, milk and used military discount, butter and used military discount, the scotties tissues 3 for $2. Then two 100 calorie packs of cheez its, 2 krispies cereals and 2 nutri grain’s all for $3 so that was great. think that was about it. managed to get it at $15 out the door.

    • Dana says

      You’re really making out with the military discount! I must have totally missed the green giant veggies sale. I just reprinted the coupon too.

      You’re funny, Irish lady :-)

  2. Stacey says

    Well I only save 10% on store brand items but I’ll take it. I just hit up Teeter and got the northland juice (my veggie girl lives on their pom cranberry) and the capri suns with free sandwich crackers.

  3. says

    I went to the FF on Independence Blvd and was told the $1/1 Mueller’s pasta coupon was fake and that they wouldnt accept it. I asked to speak to a manager because I know I was able to use the coupon last week and she brought a paper with “fake coupons” on it. She showed the me Muellers coupon but the one she had was for 55¢ off 1 not $1 off 1. I pointed that out and I pointed out that you go to the website and print it out but she said no FF in VA would accept those coupons, which I can see from your trip isnt true, Im jealous :)

    • Dana says

      It’s so unfortunate there are fake coupons out there. It really ruins it for everyone else. If it was provided from the manuf. website I wouldn’t have posted it.

      Sorry you had trouble!

  4. K says

    Bummer, they told me the military discount was over…now I see it printed on my receipt. Oh well, next time. They took the mueller coupons at the Hpt store with no issue. It was the milk coupon from that contest that caused a fiasco…and I’m sure that one will end up on the banned list as well (like the excedrin and hair dye ones I tried to use…didn’t even bother trying there with the free juice coupon.)

    6 boxes of Kelloggs cereal (lucky had 3 $1/2 q’s stashed)
    2 boxes of noodles
    2 boxes frozen aunt j waffles
    2 jugs milk
    Welch’s juice
    Kettle baked chips
    Finish dishwashing tabs
    Xtra laundry detergent (FINALLY got one of those spanish coupons, so with the sale today it was free!)
    Total: $12.48 68% savings…doing better than I normally do :)

    • Dana says

      Yeah, I’m glad you’re doing better! Gotta love FREE laundry detergent! I had a printer malfunction with my milk coupon :(

      Sorry you’ve had difficulties with the coupons. At least they took the muellers for free pasta, for now.

  5. Debbie Hill says

    Is there another milk coupon besides the one at That free coupon requires a $100 grocery purchase!

    • K says

      That’s the coupon, but they had different ones. I ended up getting the free choc milk with purchase of white milk. Frustrating if you get the $100 one…unless your total is that much before coupons and you hand the milk one over first.

      • Dana says

        Thanks for responding to the question. There were 3 or 4 different coupons, can’t remember the exact number now.

  6. Stacey says

    That stinks you didn’t get military, K. I used it twice yesterday. I ended up going back for the potatoes and got the bag for 1.79 or so.

    I had trouble using my excedrin coupon at HT. The lady refused to take it eventhough the bottle was only about $2.50 so nowhere near that $5 limit they had set a while back. I ended up using it at Walmart with no issues.

    • K says

      I know, even 36c is savings! Oh well, maybe just a misinformed cashier, and all I had was the FF brand milk on this trip. Those potatoes are a good deal!

      That’s awesome WM took them! My WM is such a disaster w/ coupons…I went earlier this week and only handed over 15 q’s and the cashier was clearly upset. She told me, “I don’t have time for all these coupons!” Lol!

      • Dana says

        How dare you disrupt the cashiers day with 15 coupons. The shame. It took her all of 2 minutes to scan those it. Sorry, couldn’t help myself :-)

    • Dana says

      You went back for your potatoes, LOL! HT likes to be difficult sometimes. I need to use mind before they try to ban a perfectly legitimate coupon.

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