My Farm Fresh & WAGS Trips (03/09)

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I was able to get lots of goodies at Farm Fresh today.  Not a big week for freebies, but lots of stuff I needed.  I spent more than normal, but still within budget.  I was also able to use 3 free product coupons I was sent for being an insider & got FREE cereal! 

I also picked up powdered sugar to try my hand at working with fondant again.  I want practice before Monkeyboy’s birthday in June.

I’m done shopping for the week except a trip back up to FF for corned beef and cabbage.  I finished up the price comparison, so I’ll be buying my St. Patrick’s Day dinner ingredients at Farm Fresh.

3 Purex Complete Crystals = FREE
3 Honey Bunches of Oats Raisin Medley = FREE
3 Colgate Toothpaste = FREE
3 Richfood Powered Sugar = $5.01
1 Richfood Brown Sugar = $1.67
1 Strawberry Preserves = $1.99
2 Cheerios = $3
2 Lucky Charms = $2.80
1 Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo = $1.89
2 Keebler Jumbo Sticks = $1.78
3 gatorade = $2
8 Buddig = $1.52
6 Birds eye steamfresh = $2
2 Trop50 Lemonade = $2
2 Frigo cheese stick = $3.58

Total Paid: $32.41
Total Saved: $50.17
Earned FREE Milk Catalina

I went back to Walgreens yesterday to get more FREE PediaCare.  I used the new $2/1 printable with my last $3/2 printable that was available last week.

2 PediCare infants $6.49
1 PediCare Children’s $7.49
– $5 off in-ad coupon
– $3/2 printable (gone)
$2/1 printable

Total Paid: $0.47
Total Saved: $20

How did you do this week?


  1. Breana says

    I had a pretty good shopping trip there this morning… Although now I have to go back because for some reason my Steamfresh veggies rang up $2.99 & one of my boxes of cereal for $3.89!!! I always watch the register but today I was distracted and now I’m paying for it. But there policy says that if it rings up wrong it is free… Have you ever had any experience with this? I normally always realize it at the register so they just adjust it!

    • Caroline says

      I noticed that not all the Steamfresh were on sale. At the FF I went to it was mainly the rice, corn, greenbeans, and mixed veggies.

      I was distracted too and noticed the Garnier Fructis styler that I got rang up as $5.99 instead of the $3.29 so I have to go back too.

    • Dana says

      Thanks for answering ladies! I had to ban myself from the computer after yesterday afternoon for family time :)

      Yes, Wedn. it happens to me with the new sale. They give you a full refund for the purchase price. If you purchase 2 of the exact same product and both ring up wrong, you get a full refund for 1 and the different for the other.

      I always watch the rgister too but something always happens if I turn my head just for a second.

  2. melissa says

    I have had stuff ring up wrong and didn’t realize it till I got home and went back and they still gave me back the full amount, so it was FREE. I called them first and they said just come in while that sale ad is still running.

    • says

      I went to 2 FF stores too, and both were out of the Post raisin cereal and the Thomas bagel thins :( I was not very happy when I made a special trip to the second store!

      • Dana says

        Bummer! I’m hoping for the bagel thins to go on sale for $2 again. We’ll see if I mess up holding out and don’t get the good deal before my coupon expires.

  3. K says

    My trip was easy and went well. We’re doing freezer/pantry clean out, so I didn’t buy much.

    Walgreens and Rite Aid have been great. I’ve got all my planters now for the deck without having to spend any cash!

    • Dana says

      Cleaning out the panty/freezer is a great way to use up what you have on hand and save money as well :)

      That’s fantastic, you were able to get everything you needed for your veggies!

  4. renee says

    No problems today!!!! :-) But I also went at a different time….we all had dentist appointments so I went late in the afternoon. I guess next week will be the test…that’s if that other customer is shopping & sees my son with me 😉

    • Dana says

      Yeah! Hopefully you will have smooth shopping next week too. Maybe the lady thought she had scared you off :)

      I’ll be thinking of you next week 😉

  5. Breana says

    Thanks for the answers ladies. They did give me a full refund! The guy didn’t seem too happy about it, but he did it! Lol I’m thinking it may have rang up wrong because it wasn’t in the system yet or something. Because when he “rerang” the items they came up as the sale price. But everything worked out so thanks! :)
    Learned my lesson… always watch the register! Free is nice, but saving time is better!

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