My Farm Fresh, Walgreens and Target Shopping Trips (06/15)

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I didn’t post my Walgreens and Target trips on Sunday like I intended.  I’m always 2 steps behind.

Get your Walgreens matchups here

Transaction 1
Fusion Razor
-$4 fusion Q
-$1.50 RR
Paid: $6.88
Saved: $9.99

Transaction 2
1 Butterfinger
2 Carmex reduced $0.39 each for fillers (hubby likes these for his truck-don’t melt)
1 Colgate toothbrush
1 Schick hydro
– $1/1 colgate Q
– $4/1 Schick Q
– $0.35 butterfinger Q
-$7 RR from transaction 1
Paid: $1.41
Saved: $18.27
could have picked cheaper fillers

Transaction 3
1 Bayer
1 Blistex
-$2 Bayer Q
-$2 RR from transaction 2
Saved: $6.38

Total Paid: $9.29
Total Saved: $34.64
Still have $7 RR for next week


I also popped into Target to use my Free egg coupons.  I misplaced my receipt, but I only spent $3 plus tax.  The $3 was for the ice cream.  I stacked a $1.50/2 Target coupon and an old $1.50/2 printable.

Farm Fresh

Today, I headed to Farm Fresh to pick up some of the freebies.  I also found $1/1 peelie on the Mission Chips (at Mt. Pleasant) and reduce Matzo Ball mix.  I like using this in chicken soup.  I picked up two boxes for $1.35 each since they don’t expire until 2012.

I also bought a $100 Lowes Gift Card and earned a $20 CAT to use next week.  I took the $100 from the house fund because we are always in need of something from the home improvement store.

Get all the coupons I used in the matchups here

Lettuce $0.99
Mushroom $0.99
Celery $0.99
Peaches $0.41
2 Mission chips $2.79- $1/1 peelie = $1.58
2 Matzo Ball mix $2.70
1 cheez-it $1.09
1 Smuckers grape $0.90
2 Texas croutons $0.30
2 Tabasco FREE
4 Orbit Gum FREE
4 Ken’s Dressing FREE
1 KC bbq sauce FREE

Total Paid: $10.39
Total Saved $20.67
Only 68%

I only foresee spending about $10 more this week.  I need organic milk and B1G2 blueberries from Harris Teeter 

How did you do?

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