Target Toy Clearance Shopping Trip (07/28)

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I made it to the Target Toy Clearance just in time last Thursday.

Total Spent $140.78
Total before clearance $435.25

I got a ton of good deals to stock my toy closet.  A few of these items will be Christmas presents for my kids such as the Toy Story 3 Lego sets and 1 of the Madame Alexander dolls.  I also picked up 1 of the Girl Gourmet sets to give to my niece for Christmas.

Most of the other toys were purchased with the intention of birthday gifts for the kids friends or as gifts for Toys For Tots and Angel Tree in December.

Did you get toy deals last week?



  1. Kerri says

    I did…I got lots of great deals which was a great start on my xmas shopping…Total retail was around $160 and I spent $42.00.

  2. says

    LALALALALA… I can’t hear you…. {there’s nothing that will make me get out of chair faster than a Target toy sale, but I still have a stockpile from last time, so I’d better pretend I didn’t hear this!} LALALALALALALA….

  3. Kerri says

    I got dance star mickey before the big toy sale when it was on sale for $34.98 then my sister told me they had them at the mardens in biddeford for $24 go figure…

  4. Cristin says

    I was so excited to get the large Fancy Nancy doll for my dd’s birthday for $8. I have most of my xmas done for my kids and niece and nephew and some things for bday parties. Love the Target toy sale.

    • Dana says

      Fancy Nancy doll, I missed that one too! You’re way ahead of the game. It’s great to get things done early


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