Today’s Farm Fresh Shopping Trip~AWESOME!!!

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Today’s Farm Fresh Shopping Trip~AWESOME!!!

Just wanted to share my shopping trip that I had to Farm Fresh this morning!  I met several fellow couponers and hope to see you again soon!  Also, Make sure to check out the Health and Beauty Sections at you stores.  Lots & Lots of great clearance deals.  I picked up a lot today that I will be donating.

Let us know what deals you find~Melissa :)

(2)  Dark Chocolate Cheerios:  FREE
(2)  Chocolate Toast Crunch:  FREE
(2)  Equal:  FREE
(2)  Aquafresh Extreme Toothpaste:  $.62 clearance
(2)  Colgate Toothpaste:  FREE
(2)  Men’s Suave Professionals Shampoo:  .60 clearance
(2)  Suave Professionals Shampoo:  FREE
(1)  Head and Shoulders Shampoo:  $1.10  clearance
(12) Fancy Feast Mornings:  $2.00
(2)  Angel Soft Bath Tissue:  $2.58
(2)  Velveeta Shells & Cheese:  $.74
(4)  Dial Hand Soap:  FREE
(1)  Coffeemate Creamer:  $.69  (manager markdown + 1.00/1 hang tag)

Total:   $8.03 +tax

****Yes there are more than 20 coupons here that I used, BUT only 20 of them doubled :)




  1. Tracy says

    Melissa, great trip! My Farm Fresh has a clearance section as well, but just a head’s up to other shoppers, I was told I could not use coupons on the clearance items. I actually had some awesome deals in my cart from pairing clearance items with coupons I had on hand, and when my coupons wouldn’t scan at check-out, I was told the disappointing news! The reason they wouldn’t scan is because Farm Fresh sticks a different barcode on the item which doesn’t jive with any coupon. Maybe not all FF’s price clearance items this way (?) I actually have had a cashier just ring my coupons through anyway :)

    • Melissa says

      Hey Tracy,
      Thank you! The clearance items that I bought today were still on the shelves in their normal spots with the red and white clearance tags on the shelf.
      My Farm Fresh also has other clearance items on and end cap too with new barcodes, but all the years that I have shopped there, and other Farm Fresh stores, I have never been told that I couldn’t use coupons on them. I will try to clarify this for you or maybe Dana knows the answer. :)

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