Water Country USA – Free Preschool Pass Offer

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I am so excited, I actually squealed when I received an email from Water Country USA!

Many of you already know that Busch Gardens offers a FREE Preschool Pass for children ages 3-5 years.   This is a fantastic promotion for VA residents since park tickets are so pricey!  Now you can use that same Preschool Pass at Water Country USA!!!!!  I know!  Some of you just got as excited as I am!

Now for a limited time, your Busch Gardens’ Preschool Pass is valid for admission to Water Country USA until Sept. 3, 2012.

If you have registered online for your Preschool Pass but have not yet visited, make sure you visit Busch Gardens Williamsburg to redeem your child’s pass. Don’t forget to bring your child’s birth certificate to the park to redeem.

Don’t forget about the $20 online Discount for VA Residents!!  Adults and older children can take advantage of this offer to make a relatively inexpensive day at the waterpark!

*Please note that this was offer was sent to me via email since I currently have a Busch Gardens Preschool Pass.  Another reader also received the same email.  We scanned LuLu’s preschool pass at the turnstile without a problem.


    • Dana says

      A couple years ago friends of mine were able to get reimbursed. I can’t say for sure now, but I would suggest asking a park services once you are inside Busch Gardens.

  1. Rikki Webb says

    I just called WC and they don’t know anything about this promotion. I called to get my youngest’s Summer Sizzler pass (which we haven’t even redeemed or used yet) refunded and they say they won’t refund any passes. I am not happy and told them so! It’s a shame that they treat their local, LONG time pass holders like this. Our family will probably be cancelling our passes at the end of the season and going to either Ocean Breeze or Kings Dominion.

    Dana–is it possible for you to forward me that email? I am very upset and will be continuing to try and get my money back!

    • Rikki W says

      I just wanted to update everyone that earlier this week we went to WC (for the first time this year)….needless to say I went straight to guest relations and without any trouble they refunded my money for the summer sizzler pass that we purchased in April and never even had printed out. WC did right by a long time customer, maybe not on the phone, but certainly at the park!

      • Dana says

        Awesome! I’m so glad they refunded your money at the park! Thanks so much for coming back to update us. It’s great to know Water Country USA is refunding tickets and standing by their promotion.

  2. Jessie D says

    Wow! I can’t believe it! I have a 2 yr old whose birthday is at the beginning of August. I was hoping to have been able to make several trips to Water Country with our passes this summer and then switch to going to Busch on the weekends when my daughter turns 3, so I won’t have to buy her a pass this year. My plan hasn’t worked out so well because of all the thunderstorms we’ve been having. Looks like she may be spending her birthday at Water Country! She’ll be as thrilled as I am!

    • Dana says

      Happy birthday your daughter! We’ve been trying to get up there for weeks too but every time we make a plan, the weather turns. We’re hoping to go on Sunday – weather permitting :)

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