We Love Carrots!

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Remember the baby carrots that were on sale the other week for $0.98 a bag? I’d even managed to score 3 bags of organic carrots that week as well.  When we want a break from steaming or eating them raw; we cook them using this recipe.  Please note that this isn’t the healthiest method for cooking carrots, but they sure are yummy!

“Grandma Dots Carrots”

~1 lb of Carrots (baby or cut)
1/2-1 Stick of Butter we use light :)
Sprinkle of Brown Sugar
Several Shakes of Texas Pete (or to taste)

Bake 350 degrees for 45min-1 hour

*The larger the carrots, the longer they take to cook.
*Sorry no specifics, I’m more of a throw it together type of cook
*That is too much brown sugar in the picture!  A big clump fell out and I thought it would be okay, way too much! Use about 1/2 that amount


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