Ask a Blogger: What to Pack For a Blogging Conference

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Thanks to Amee with Madame Deals for this weeks Ask a Blogger post. 

Heading to a conference can be daunting, especially if it’s your first one.  This week, Amee is sharing with you what she packed for her trip.  You can read previous articles on Shy at a Conference and Tips for a First Blogging Conference for more conference related advice.

I thought I would share what I bring to a conference to help you pack. I know it is hard to get it all together, so I figured I would show what I have in my bag. I got this idea from the US weekly magazine where they dumped the bag of the latest celebrity. I think it is important to be prepared for almost anything. I believe that is the mom in me over the business woman. I have everything excluding the kitchen sink only because they have an app for that on my iPhone. Once you have your bag packed you can get everything else you need to organized to be effective at the conference.


  1. Business cards
  2. Schedule for the conference
  3. Hotel reservations
  4. Airplane reservations
  5. important numbers


  1. Ipad2
  2. Ipad cord
  3. Ipad picture downloader
  4. Ipad cleaning clothe
  5. Extension cord
  6. Durcacell Rechargeable instant battery
  7. Iphone
  8. Blue tooth/ plug to charge the blue tooth
  9. ear buds
  10. USB drive to save anything I need

Stationary items

  1. notebook
  2. pen
  3. marker
  4. highlighter
  5. tape
  6. scissors
  7. post it notes
  8. calculator
  9. note cards for a quick thank you note
  10. fancy pens to write the thank you note

Fashionable Accessories
  1. bag to carry the swag with my logo
  2. head band and pony tail holder
  3. small purse to hold credit cards money and room key
  4. a check just in case
  5. lip stick with a mirror on it and gloss
  6. tissues
  7. wet wipes
  8. zantac
  9. ibuprofen
  10. hand sanitizer
  11. mouse wash
  12. brush ups
  13. floss on a stick
  14. Band-Aids
  15. stress point lotion
  16. hand lotion
  17. tide on the go
  18. ballet flats
  19. light sweater that is easy to fold
  20. extra tights just in case
  21. snacks
  22. $1.00 in coins for a soda if needed
In my hotel room I will have:
  1. Mac computer
  2. Neat Receipts portable scanner to log in all my new business cards

My note:  I brought a few granola bars as a snack with me.  I kept 1 in my bag and the rest in the hotel room.  I also carried a bag of mints to share & a bottle of water.  I didn’t have an Ipad2 at the last conference I attended, but I carried my laptop with me to all the sessions.  I find it easier to work on my laptop.  Personally, the decision to carry a laptop or Ipad2 would depend on the type of conference.  Is it a social conference designed to network or a conference where your day is packed full of classes?

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