My Farm Fresh Shopping Trip (01/26) {Plus a Linky}

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I bought several non-coupon items this week.  Good news is that other than a trip to Harris Teeter for organic milk and yogurt (my Farm Fresh only carries Blueberry Stonyfield yogurt), I’m done for the week. 

I don’t have time for my usual breakdown, but everything is the same as the matchups except:

2 FREE Wrigley’s Dessert Gum
2 FREE New York Snacks coupon from yesterday (coupon gone)
Milk $3.63
Baked Tostitos $2.50
Sun Chips $2.50
Red Grapes $2.04
Eggs $0.88

Total Spend $23.07
Total Saved $30.58
only 58%

How did you do?


  1. K says

    Okay, where on Earth did you find the New York things? Down the snack aisle? Chips? I was all kinds of excited I got in on the second round of coupons that posted…but searched high and low and didn’t see them.

    So upset I had a $2 off total shopping order that’s about to expire and I shoved it in the back of my coupon book and forgot about it!

    • Dana says

      In the deli section. There was a big display directly across from the deli counter at the Mt. Pleasant store.

      Hope that helps!

      • K says

        That did help, thanks! Wasn’t a display in my store, they had them stashed on a low shelf…but at least I knew where to look. And yes, I did go back to the store, lol! My first run was rather quick with an antsy pants toddler in tow so I missed a few things anyway. :)

        A couple of things outside the matchups, but the best was beech nut baby foods for free with a coupon I requested via email.

        As for the Mueller coupon, I have not tried it since last time. It worked fine at my store then, but I saw everyone’s comments about not being accepted so haven’t bothered to try again.

  2. says

    My trip today isnt really worth making a post about but I a loaf of Roman Meal bread for 19¢ and 2 free Kikkoman soy sauce. Paid 19¢ for all 3 items..Again I was not able to use the $1/1 Mueller’s pasta coupon, this time I was @ a different store..Any one else having a problem with using this coupon @ Farm Fresh??

    • KISS in Virgina Beach says

      No I have had no problems with my neighborhood store they print and scan fine. The cashiers are very helpful. I used 4 of them tonight. :)

  3. Amanda says

    I used the Mueller’s Pasta $1 coupon at 3 Farm Fresh stores…however it was the ones I printed from the last time they were on sale. I printed a few today before they got taken off the site, but they printed different so I didn’t use them.

  4. KISS in Virgina Beach says

    Thanks Dana, I too only did 58% tonight! No worries though, lol!

    The Breakdown
    3 Hunts diced tomatoes $1.87
    6 Ro-Tel tomatoes $3.14
    8 4pack Hunts Snack pudding $4.00
    3 Mueller’s macroni FREE
    3 Mueller’s macroni $1.77
    2 Kikkoman soy sauce FREE
    3 Frenchs Worcestershire FREE
    8 Bird’s Eye vegetables $6.00
    2 Tony’s cheese pizza $3.00
    1 4pack Activa dessert yogurt $.99

    SAVED= 29.26

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