My Farm Fresh Shopping Trip (06/08) Love My Perdue!

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I was giddy opening my paper this morning and seeing $0.79lb Perdue Oven Stuffers.  That is my preferred chicken and under $0.99lb puts me in a happy place.  Silly, I know.  These will feed us for at least 4 dinners each plus cooking in the crock-pot I don’t heat up my house with the oven on for 3 hours!

Did you do the Gift Card Promo?  I was at Mt. Pleasant and the Home Depot and Barnes & Noble Gift cards are triggering the $20 CAT!  I didn’t have that cash with me, but I hope to go back up tonight with my house fund to buy gift cards.  If you have older kids, you can tuck the i-Tunes gift cards away for Christmas.

You can see all the coupons I used in the matchups

2 Perdue Oven Stuffers $5.93 & $6.27
1 Gallon of milk $4.04 – $1/1 reduced peelie $3.04
1 Doritos $1.99
1 Baby Carrots $0.99
1 Mushrooms $1.50
2 Gulden’s mustard $0.60 (step-dad’s request)
6 Hamburger Helper $1.94 (donating)
4 Brownies $1.96
2 Cake mix & frosting $1.96
2 OM hot dogs $3.98
3 lunchables FREE (had printable)
2 Taco Kits FREE
4 Taco Seasonings FREE
2 Whiskas Treats FREE
1 Oral-B toothbrush FREE
1 Breve Creamer FREE (free product coupon)
1 Suave Professionals Spray FREE (free product coupon)
1 John Frieda Foam Hair Color FREE (free product coupon)
– $5/$25 purchase email coupon

Total Paid $25.68
Total Saved $68.74

I’m doing shopping for the week since we still have fresh fruit left over from last week.

How did you do?


  1. Michelle Rowland says

    Teach me!!!! That is GREAT!! I want to help bills at home and donate to the local food pantry as well. Congrats!

  2. Heather Shipes says

    Oh and my best transaction yesterdays trip was saved 62 and spent 17, so about what you did.

  3. Sarah Erb says

    You did a great job…My total today before saving was $67.67 after coupons it was $20.20 (67 % savings) and i paid $3.40 per gallon of gas. Keep up the great work, I love your page.

    • Dana says

      Glad you like it!

      Great trip! I love the extra savings on gas too. The discount you get is based on your before coupon total, so I save a lot more

  4. Ashleigh C says

    Yes, you did a great job. I paid $20.02 saved 66% or $36.95. I was scared for a moment because the register messed up ( i dont think it double the coupons). But with patience we got it all straight

  5. Ashleigh C says

    I have been couponing for 2months now not long. And yeah normally I dont have a problem, but for some reason the register had to act up with me. I am starting to get excited because I am building a stockpile slowly but surely.

  6. Angela says

    Great job! I can’t wait for my friends to sign up for Farm Fresh online, so I can get those 5 $5 off $25.

  7. Caitlin says

    I recently came across your site as I became a coupon shopper when I left my job to move with my husband to Virginia and I was shocked that none of the grocery stores I shop at on the west coast are even in neighboring states. Your site has made it so much easier to transition and keep the coast of groceries down for our family. I saved 76% today at Farm Fresh! That’s more than I usually save shopping on base! Thank you very much for all the work you do and sharing it!

    • Dana says

      Glad you like the site! I can usually save more by shopping sales with coupons outside. The Commissary consistantly has good produce and meat prices though.

  8. Hillary says

    I did pretty good today too, saved 51%! I was wondering, why do you like Perdue chickens? I haven’t noticed a difference in taste between the brands, so I was just curious.

    • Dana says

      One of my things, I guess. I don’t like Tyson. It seems like a tougher meat to me. Although, it’s been about 2 years since I’ve purchased it.

      I will buy store brand when I can get a good deal. I have a ton of mark down chicken from FF and HT in my freezer, but I like the taste of Perdue the best.

      • Hillary says

        I don’t think I’ve ever had Tyson chicken!! I always buy the store brand b/c it’s cheaper — but this week the Perdue was SO cheap. I’ll let you know what I think. (It’s in my freezer for now too)

  9. Heather says

    SOOO frustrated at FF tonight. There were at least 10 other couponers at the store tonight and the things I wanted for the Box Tops deal were all gone… went to another FF and they were out, too. I’ve been couponing for almost 2 years and it’s never been this bad. It stinks for those of us who work during the day & can’t get the deals :(

    • Dana says

      Yep, I was at the store at 8:30 and all the Old El Paso Taco Seasonings were almost gone. You could still get the Cheesy and Hot. They were starting to run low on a few other things already and some of the lunchables were already out.

  10. Rebecca says

    Dana, or anyone for that matter!…this is a random spot to post this…but I notice that everyone might be around the same area on here and I was just wondering if anyone knows WHO ON EARTH sells those cans of Seattle’s Best??? The ones that had the coupon for a free one in the paper sunday? I’m in Virginia Beach…and I can’t find these things anywhere!
    Thanks guys!

    • Dana says

      Not at Target and I didn’t see it a FF either. I forgot to look at CVS. I heard WAGS has it, but I don’t have it confirmed yet. I’m hoping more stores will pick it up before the coupon expires.

    • Dana says

      Some regions got them in the inserts (I didn’t) and there was printable available on about a month or so ago. I was still holding onto my printable. Good thing the sale came up as it expired on the 14th.

  11. Rebecca says

    @ Christina, I ended up buying 4 of the “adult” lunchables at FF on Wednesday and they are SO good!

  12. Nhelly says

    I’m new to couponing. What is “Gift Card Promo” that Dana mentioned at the beginning of the post. Any info would be great!


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