My Farm Fresh & Walgreens Shopping Trips (07/24)

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Yay for Farm Fresh!  While there were not as many freebies as I would have anticipated before starting the matchups, there were still a TON of deals.   You’ll also notice 3 prepared meals in the picture.  Those are part of a review that I’ll be posting this week. Can you guess what we’re having for dinner tonight :-)

Oh a side note, I think my daughter is stealing my coupons.  Seriously, I keep finding them in her room. And I’m missing 2 Tide coupons!  I have a little photo album that I’ll be putting together for her “coupon book” so I’ll at least know where to find my coupons when they go missing.

Cantaloupe FREE
2 Muellers Pasta FREE
6 trident gum FREE
1 Loreal Eye Makeup FREE
1 Tide Powder $1.99
3 Pop Tarts $3 (plus earned $1 CAT)
1 V8 V-fusion $0.49
FF milk $2.54- $1/1 peelie = $1.54
-$7 CATS from Wednesday

Total Paid $0.01
Total Saved $32.89

I also went to Walgreens to use my RR’s.  I had both kids with me, so I just did 2 simple transactions.  While checking out I was talked into donating $1.  I’m not even sure what I donated to, but my kids have their names on a whole lot of shoes.

Transaction 1
2 Scunci
2 Oral-b
2 Composition mini’s (1 was a filler but I had 2 kids with me)
-$0.60 in-ad for comp. books
-$2 oral-b Q
-$6 RR’s
+ $1 donation

Total Paid $1.78
Total Saved $15.98
Earned (2) $3 RR’s

Transaction #2
1 Dentek
1 W Perfect tampon
-$1 dentek Q
-$3 RR from transaction 1

Total Paid $0.71
Total Saved $6.49
Earned $1.50 RR and $2 RR

Did you shop at Farm Fresh or a drug store today?



  1. DeDe says

    Farm Fresh

    2 Tide Stain Release Sprays=free
    Gillette Deo=free
    Irish Spring deo=free
    Amstrong floor cleaner=.99
    Nivea bodywash=.29
    2 Palmolive dish detergent=$2

    Paid $3.99
    Saved $21.58
    Got back $1 cat

  2. melissa says

    I was there this morning at 6:00 am when they opened so I could get that in before church this morning did 2 transactions I got 175.00 worth for around 35.00. My cashier double my 2.00 cats that I got on Wed I didn’t ask her to she just did so that really brought my total way down since I had 4 of them.

  3. Paula Banks says

    I was at my local FF at 6 am this morning and got some great deals! I got the Nieva body wash for women for .99 and the one for men was $4.29 so I only paid .49 after the coupon!!! I got 2 Digiornio pizzas for less then the price of 1!! I also scored some clean and clear face was for only .69 which I was very happy about. My freebies (thanks to the coupons in todays paper) was Irish Spring Deodarant, Skinmate Shaving Creame and the Tridant Vitality gum!! The tide and the V8 were also great deals I picked up today along with some other deeply discounted items after the coupons. When it was all over my total was 136.00 and I paid out of pocket $35.00!!! I saved $101 today, so I am ALL SMILES!!! :)

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