My Harris Teeter & Farm Fresh Trips (05/18)

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I am so disappointed with my Harris Teeter trip.  First it was crazy in there!  Seriously!  The condiment aisle was insane.  You couldn’t move.  In my haste to escape, I grabbed the wrong size Mahatma rice.  The $1.59 and $2.65 must have been mixed up, and I didn’t take the time to check (like I should have).  I will be either exchanging or returning it later.  All the condiments on sale was sold out.  At 7:50am!  That has never happened to me before.   

Lastly, I was anticipating a $2 CAT for the Wisk detergent (according to another matchups site) and no CAT.  Sad.


I was informed that the managers at the Hanbury location will be cracking down on DND5 coupons and multiple VIC card use.  Please remember that it is 1 VIC card per household, not 1 VIC card per person!

Get your updated regular price deals here and the sale ad here

2 Mahatma $2.30 (going back)
1 Lawry’s garlic salt $0.35
2 Lawry’s Seasoned salt FREE
1 Ocean Spray Blueberry $0.12
3 Welch’s jelly $2.55 (a staple in my house)
1 McCormick Lemon Pepper FREE
1 Wisk Detergent $1.47
2 Bagelfuls $2.40
1 Parkway Butter $0.09
4 Athenos Greek yogurt FREE
1 Halls cough drop FREE

Total Paid $9.84
Total Saved $46.15 (depressing)

On a good note, I got a ton of freebies at Farm Fresh this morning.  Everything was free except the Emerald to -go was $0.50 and the 2 Kraft Dressings were $0.50 each.

Get your Farm Fresh matchups here

Total Paid $1.84
Total Saved $27.98 (much better)

How was your shopping day?


  1. Julie says

    Great job! Did you get rainchecks for any of the items they didn’t have. They don’t expire (I know you know this) and you can just save it until the next triples and hope the same coupon is out. That is what I have done during super doubles in the past. Thank you for the match-up and great job on all the free pasta!

    • Dana says

      I didn’t have time, in a mad dash for preschool drop off. If they don’t restock, I’ll get them.

      Thanks for posting as a reminder to everyone. I forget to post about it

  2. Annie-Pier says

    It was the first time I was doing that at Harris Teether. I went at 7:30 this morning with my little 21 months old son. It was really nice! A few people shopping with their coupons in theirs hands! I could take my time to look at the product, verify the price, the size etc. There were not even 1 person per aisle!! I’ll go back tomorrow for sure! I must be lucky for the location of the store, because it is like in the middle of the country! And Bristow is not a very big town. My final cost was 6,76$ and I saved 29,83$. Thank you for your work, I used your website a lot for that. (Sorry if my english is not perfect, it is not my primary language ;))

    • Dana says

      Great shopping trip! Glad you were able to have stress free trip.

      Your english is great! The $ goes before the number though :)

  3. says

    I think you did well! I left HT depressed as well! FIRST they said they don’t take $X off from another store catalina. I got $5 a $25 purchase from BLOOM yesterday GRR :( didn’t want to argue.. I as well got the wrong size or wrong type or maybe it didn’t ring up right French’s Honey Mustard. Anyway I posted my trip with a linky if you want to swing by and add your link and see how I did.

    Sorry your store was crazy and sold out. I went to the one in Suffolk, condiment isle was crazy as well lol… otherwise the store wasn’t soo bad and they actually had in stock all I needed. (except the dried prunes) lol

    You still did great thought!

    • Dana says

      Glad you were able to just about everything on your list!

      Hmm, wonder why they wouldn’t take the bloom coupon?

      This is from their coupon policy:

      Competitor’s Coupons

      •We gladly accept local competitors’ manufacturer coupons. We also redeem circular or direct-mail coupons for money off of the total order.
      •We do not accept any internet coupons from other retailers.

      • Julie says

        They take direct mail and circular coupons. If I read her comment right, she had a catalina. That is probably the difference.

        • Dana says

          Thanks for catching that Julie. I didn’t notice Catalina. I was thinking the Bloom coupons that were mailed out about a month ago

  4. Heather Key says

    You should have seen the number of us at Hanbury HT in the check out at 7am on the dot! Great Job at FF. I will be there after work. :)

    • Dana says

      You took all my condiments! JK :)

      I couldn’t get their earlier with FF matchups and my son gets on the bus at 7:30. Maybe they’ll restock

  5. Angela B says

    I was in HT at 9:30am and it was still packed in there. I spoke to the cashier and she said they had lines at 6am and by 8am all the mustard was gone. I didn’t get all of the deals that I wanted, but I’m going to go back on Friday. I spent $21.04. I only purchased 1 thing without a coupon. I always post pics on my facebook for my friends. They think I’m crazy, but always say they know where to go when they are hungry. haha Thanks for the matchups. It helped me plan my trip. I would like to say one thing about the Harris Teeter shoppers, they are really nice. I talked about coupons with 2 ladies in the aisles while waiting for my turn to look at the condiments and a very tall gentleman helped me reach the last product on the top shelf (I’m only 5’3 and if he wasn’t around it would have stayed there)

    • Dana says

      Everyone is friendly which is so great! I was getting close to finishing FF at 6am.

      People must have been hanging out waiting for the clock to strike 7 and the triples to begin LOL

      So glad the matchups helped!

  6. Kelley says

    I sent my husband up this morning at 8:30! They were out of Parkay and the Mustard, but we still got some good deals. He doesn’t get the whole idea of buying only 1 item that is B1G1- lol! He spent $24 , and saved about $52- so we were happy with that!

    • Dana says

      Funny! He’ll get the hang of it.

      Maybe he needs to talk to my husband. He refuses to coupon for me. The most he’s done is using a free milk CAT at FF :)

  7. Jesika says

    My trips were okay, for a newbie! One of these days I’ll learn to pay closer attention, because I ended up paying too much for larger quantity items. My Wisk detergent at my HT was only on sale for $4.77 though, instead of $3.47 (I think that’s what I remember from the matchups) At any rate, I thought it was still a good enough deal so I got it. Question though… I see from your pic that you got a variety of Ronzoni (sp) pasta flavors. Didn’t the coupon only mention the “garden” one? I’m new to all of this, but am I able to purchase a different flavor as long as it’s the same manufacturer/product? I ran into this same question with the Kikkoman (sp) sauces.

    • Dana says

      I used the printables. There were $1/2 for each of the 3 types, so I had 6 coupons. I didn’t even use the $1/1 garden from the insert.

      I also used the $1/1 any Kikkoman printable.

      You’re right, you do have to watch the wording on those.

      Nice catch!

  8. K says

    Don’t be disappointed, those totals are awesome! Our store was sold out of the white rice and condiments by 6:30am. Crazy.

    My trips were great. I spent $25 at each store and saved about 75% at HT and 50% at FF. We donated most of our stockpile and made a diet change, so most of what I bought was produce and vegan friendly products. And yes, I had coupons for organic produce and fresh fruit! I’d love to show those to people that claim coupons are only for junk food!

    • Dana says

      Sold out yy 6:30 and triples didn’t officially start until 7 :)

      Going vegan, let me know how that works out! It must be a difficult change.

  9. HalfDozenMom says

    Dana ~ I think you may be feeling the effects of the coupon classes (in addition to the silly TLC show that I am loathe to even mention) that have started up in my area (Elizabeth City). The number of “couponers” here has drastically increased (as confirmed by our super friendly Wags and Farm Fresh employees). I’ve been strategically shopping the sales with coupons for about 3 years. I’ve seen a steady, slow increase (one or two every couple of months), but nothing like this. We only have one Wags, one CVS, one WalMart, one Farm Fresh, 3 Food Lions, and a handful of Dollar Generals. I am delighted for others to wise up and share the savings, but our little town can only support so much of it, especially when little consideration for others seems to be the norm (from a lot of the “newbies”, we old-timers have gotten to know each other pretty well simply from being at the same places at the same times week after week and on the other end of the spectrum, look out for each other). The first I noticed of the change was when the Jello Delights were on sale a FF a while back and would be free with the double coupon (which was the first Wednesday after the first class). As I was looking in the case to choose a flavor I thought my kids would enjoy trying, a woman came up, excused herself and took all that were left (about 12). Of course, I knew only 2 of her Qs would double, but was too dumbfounded to speak and before I had the chance, she had dashed on to the next item on her list. This also happened just this past Sunday with the Lunchables at Wags.
    Anyway, back to my point…The Hanbury Rd HT is the closest to us, so it may be serving Moyock, Camden, Elizabeth City and beyond as well as your neck of the woods. You’re likely not just dealing with the increase in your area, you’re dealing with ours, too. It’s a bit discouraging, but I’m betting some of it will die out after a short while. Until then… :)

    • Brittney says

      HalfDozenMom- I am in EC, too!!! Arghhh I KNOW what you mean about Wags…. It is seriously so frustrating. I didn’t even go this week. And I did go to HT, but when they had their super doubles last month, I was thinking it would be a mad house and actually stayed in Great Bridge the night before to wake up at 6am and go up there, only to find there were about 5 cars total in the parking lot (LOL) so I lucked out. Thinking that I might be as lucky with the triples, I ended up going there Wednesday evening (the Hanbury location) and boy was I wrong!!! I ended up getting $80 worth for $20, buying some things that I wasn’t really planning to since it wasn’t a very cheap price, but I still look at it as saving some money, when before I was spending $200 every two weeks, now I spend at the most $100 a month. But Wednesday evening a cashier told me they were getting a new truck that night and to come back Thursday morning, which I did, but the only thing re-stocked was the Fruit Loops and Duncan Hines brownies.

      About Elizabeth City- you are completely right that the couponing is out of control! We don’t have a Rite Aid, either, so that’s another trip to Great Bridge (luckily I’m from there, so I just stay at my dad’s whenever I want to do a shopping trip up there) but I’ve actually seen a shelf-clearer at our Wags… She took all of the Clean & Clear the other week as I was walking out (I even went right at 8am). But I’m glad to see another EC native on here!!

      • Dana says

        Another coupon user/friend was telling me she was in HT and a lady was throwing all the bottles of tabasco into her cart. My friend informed the shopper that only 3 coupons could be used and the shopper seemed to be shocked that there was a limit.

    • Dana says

      I’m not a fan of the show either. The potential for a great program was there, it just focused too much on the negative aspects. Well, you have to be familiar with coupons to see some of it.

      Sorry you are having such a hard time shopping in EC! I’m glad more people are looking to save money and using coupons is a fantastic resource. However, I am a bit dumbfounded that someone would come in and clear the shelf right in front of you. Regardless of the coupon policy it is simply rude and not in the manner of most coupon users. I hope coupon newbies will be learn from their mistakes and we can all benefit from coupons.

  10. says

    Nice job! Not enough on sale at Teeter though for me to use some of my stash of less than .99 coupons – but some decent deals — my husband has a load of prunes now – he was wondering why I came home w/piles of them – seemed to be one of the few things free or cheap ! It did allow me to try some breyers blast waffle cone ice cream – oh boy – YUM – this might be my new fav. Will search out another coupon because we’ve almost eaten the whole container —– !

  11. Donna Burgoon says

    My friend and I went the first morning of the triples to the HT on VB Blvd. Store was very slow and very pleasant! Our results for that trip: My bill total was 67.00 and I walked out paying 8.06. My friend’s total was 78.00 and she paid 13.??. She got the buy 2 get 3 free dr. peppers though and had $1/2 coupon for that.. so that made up MOST of her spending!! I can’t wait til they do it again! I went three times this past week lol

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