My Harris Teeter Super Doubles & Farm Fresh Shopping Trips 08/08

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I was looking forward to Harris Teeter Super Doubles this morning. Well, until I got into the store that is.  5 items I wanted were already sold out a 7:45am!  It was crazy!  Luckily I found the Zzzquil on an end shelf, so I was able to get that freebie.

A few items I wanted that were Not available:
Gerber Yogurt Melts
Keri Lotion
Post Shredded Wheat
Ziploc Bags!!!
I took the last Tampax Pearl & last Hefty Bags

4 Met-Rx Bars = FREE
2 Sambazon = FREE
3 Zzzquil = FREE
2 Wholly Guacamole = FREE
1 Smart Balance Butter = FREE
3 Silk Protein = FREE
1 Tampax Pearl = $0.49 (last box)
2 Hefty Bags = $2.46
2 Doritos = $2.29
1 Listerine Zero = $0.89
3 Balance Bars = $0.80

-$4.55 of e-VIC coupons

Total Paid: $2.02
Total Saved: $78.02

I only wanted a few of the sale items at Farm Fresh:

2 Honey Nut Cheerios = $1.36
2 Lucky Charms = $1.36
2 Eggos = 1.54
2 Uncrustables = $1

Total Paid: $5.38
Total Saved: $10.80

I’ll be back to Harris Teeter to see if they restock later in the week.  I also forgot to purchase bananas and milk, so I have to pick those 2 item up sometime.

How did you do?


  1. Jessica says

    I had a 75% savings at HT. got the Keri lotion and wholly guacamole for free. Got Midol for .99 and neopsporin for 1.99. When you have kids like I have the neopsporin will come in handy. Got lots of other items too. Spent $23 for$84 worth of product. At FF just got the uncle bens rice..6 boxes for $2!! Also went to target and got the free oil diffuser, cheap sponges, shampoo and 20 free paper-mate pens!!

  2. says

    I got to HT at 6:45 this morning & already there were a lot of people shopping! I got the free gerber grabbers & melts, 2 veets, 2 guacamole, 2 trinity juice. Then I paid for the tums, hawaiian bread & tampons. I only paid $.77 for everything before taxes! Total before coupons was $40.80. Then went to FF & got 4 boxes of cereal, 2 iced coffees & one silk. Didnt do as well there but I think over all it was a good shopping day!

  3. MELISSA says

    I did great at HT. We only have one HT up here so I have to get there super early. I got there at 5:30 so there was plenty to be had of everything. Total paid $36.21 and total saved $217.94. 85% savings today!! I still have to hit FF for a few things later on.

  4. Heather says

    I was at Indian River at 8am and they were getting low but still had everything I wanted except the Ziploc bags so I got Hefty which is just as fine. First trip total was $43 before coupons and I spent $14.89, including marked down potatoes & mushrooms and a small bag of rice. Second trip I didn’t do as well, I picked up some clearanced Betty Crocker muffin mix which ended up being about 60 cents each after coupons, not great, but will make Saturday morning breakfasts easy.

  5. Brandi says

    If HT wants to compete with FF they better get their game faces on! Running out of stock before 7 am when you knew about a couponing event for over a week should be an embarrassment! If that happened that early at FF they would be embarrassed, trade with other stores or substitute like items, I hate going to HT that early and seeing shields wiped! That’s ridiculous

  6. says

    I have pretty much written off HT so many times – as it’s ridiculous how they do NOT stock up on many of the items that will be on sale. I’ve gone back over and over and over again for things – after being told it would be on the truck tomorrow . . . friday . . .sunday . . . tuesday . . . ??? It never is (or I just keep missing it!).
    Now – my Farm Fresh on the other hand (and yes – I said “my” – because I LOVE my FF!) . . . they are MORE than proactive to have things stocked, keep them stocked and help me out when they have run out of things (instead of the “it’s a warehouse issue” or “things must be backordered in the warehouse” comments that I get from HT.). I LOVE the manager at my FF – and had gotten to know several of the cashiers, stockers, etc (till they transferred them elsewhere).
    I’m just back from vacay and running behind on getting back into couponing today. I’ll get what I can get . . . and not stress about the rest. :)
    Thanks for posting your deals! I always love seeing what others get and what they pay!

  7. says

    Which HT do you shop at? I can’t find the zzzQuil at my two normal stores in Hampton Roads….the managers dont know when or if they even sell it….

    • Dana says

      Hanbury in Chesapeake. There was a spot in the medication aisle way on the bottom with one row of the zzzquil – hard to find. There was also some on an end shelf. My store has been out since Wed. I would get a raincheck since the past 2 P&G inserts have had $2 off coupons, you may be able to get it next time.


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