My Harris Teeter Super Doubles Shopping Trip 09/12

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I ran up to Harris Teeter for Super Doubles as soon as I got Monkey on the bus.  Everything was stocked, so I managed to get a bunch of great deals even though I have a higher OOP than I like.  I purchased a lot of the e-VIC deals today, used a Raincheck for Keri lotion and purchased Rite Guard Deodorant for $1 over my goal price.  Hubby told me to throw the Speed Stick away and get him better deodorant.  So I did (bought him a new kind, donated the Speed Stick) :)

I realized when I got to the store that my Kens Marinade coupons were missing.  Apparently, they fell off my desk because there was a pile of coupons on the floor when I arrived home *groan*  Also, make sure to check the e-VIC coupons.  I saved an additional $0.50 on the Cheerios and $0.55 on the Nestle Cookies that LuLu just had to have.

Get your Harris Teeter Matchups here and here and Farm Fresh here

Total Paid: $35.53
Total Saved: $79.60

I also popped into Farm Fresh.  I only purchased the Fresh Express Salad Deal of the Day, 1 Carefree and 9 Yogurts (1 was Simplait so was free).  I paid $3.90 OOP.  I picked up a Raincheck for both the Carefree and Reach Kids Toothbrushes.

How did you do?


  1. mindy says

    i got 4 smart balance milk (free w/ raincheck + $1.50 MQ)
    8 yoplaits ($0.10 each after $1 coupon + raincheck + evic coupon $0.40)
    10 yakisob japanese noodle (free using only 3 of the $1 MQ when buy 2)
    2 reach floss (free w/ $1 MQ)
    2 oscar myer turkey ($1.75 each after $1 MQ and $3 store coupon)
    1 stay free (free w/ $2 MQ)
    by the way, harris teeter accepts competitors’ coupons (food lion & farmfresh). Those weekly coupons foodlion send to your email can be used at harris teeter. I used the $2 off $6 purchase in produce dept. the other day at harris teeter.

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