Why Don’t I Get RedPlum Coupons in The Virginian Pilot?

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I’m always asked the question: Why doesn’t the RedPlum insert come in The Virginian Pilot?  Well, about 4 years ago, RedPlum decided to test out distributing their coupon insert in the mail instead of putting it in the newspaper.  Unfortunately, we were chosen to be one of the lucky test areas and  this failed experiment is still in effect.

So, how do you get the RedPlum insert if you subscribe to The Virginian Pilot?  Check your junk mail on Tuesday’s (sometimes Wednesday.)  You should see the RedPlum coupon insert amidst the pizza sales and grocery store flyers.

Sadly there are a few areas in Chesapeake, VA Beach and Norfolk that don’t receive the RedPlum insert at all, so you’ll need to get a bit more creative in getting those inserts.

What If I Don’t Get the RedPlum Inserts in the Mail?

  1. Ask friends and family to give you coupon inserts.  This is the cheapest way to get the RedPlum insert or to get extra copies.  Even though I get the RP insert in the mail, my Mom and Mother-in-Law give me their inserts.
  2. Purchase newspapers other than The Virginian Pilot.  If you live on the Southside, you can purchase the Washington Post and Richmond Times in select stores. You can also see the Washington Post Subscription Discounts for Sunday only delivery. If you live on the Peninsula you can purchase The Daily Press and The Virginia Gazette.   PLEASE check that the inserts are inside the paper before you purchase at the store!
  3. Print from the RedPlum online coupon site.  Not all the coupons from the inserts are online, but there are some.

I’ve heard that The Pilot has tried to get the RP insert back in their newspaper but were unsuccessful.  I wish I had a better answer for you, but keep your fingers crossed that we will one day see the RP insert back in our local paper.

Do you have other ways to get the RedPlum insert?


  1. Lynette Harvey says

    Good morning. I just followed the link you have for RedPlum and it is to actually remove your address from their mailing list not to receive their insert mailings.

  2. Shahidah says

    I never get the redplum , i’m in the Hill Top area of Virginia Beach, but my parents who live in Chesapeake get is with Tuesday’s junk mail

  3. Crystal says

    I live in Portsmouth. I moved 4 miles away to a new house and I now don’t get it in the mail anymore. I really miss it and I have sent them an email with no response yet

    • Dana Zeliff says

      Unfortunately, you likely won’t get a response. If you have friends or family ask for their RP. You can also try subscribing to a newspaper such as the Washington Post to get your RP


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