Couponing Basics: How to Use Ecoupons

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Electronic coupons or ecoupons are next up on the list of topics for Couponing Basics

What is an ecoupon?

An ecoupon is a digital coupon that isn’t clipped or printed.  The coupon is downloaded online directly onto a store loyalty/discount card and is redeemed electronically. The coupon value will automatically be deducted at checkout once the qualifying purchase is made within the redemption period.

Where are ecoupons accepted?

Ecoupons have become more prevalent and are now widely accepted.  However, not all stores accept ecoupons so it is important to know your stores coupon policy.  Simply heading over to the store website will also help determine if and which service your store uses for ecoupons since each store will have a specific ecoupon service they use.  You will need to sign up for that particular ecoupon service and register your store loyalty card to load and redeem coupons.

What types of ecoupons are available?

::Cellfire: These coupons are valid at Kroger and Kroger subsidiaries, Safeway subsidiaries (excluding Dominick’s), and Harps Foods.

::Shortcuts: These coupons are valid at stores such as Kroger, Vons, ShopRite and many more.

::Saving Star: These coupons are a bit different than other ecoupons in that you won’t receive the savings at checkout.  The savings is deposited into your Saving Star account.  You can withdraw your savings once you reach $5.  You can learn about SavingStar & what to do if your store doesn’t have a loyalty card.

::Upromise: This is another unique type of ecoupon since the savings is deposited into your Upromise college savings account versus coming off of your total at check out.  You can learn about Upromise on this post.

::Store specific:  Each store may have their own ecoupons on their website such as Harris Teeter e-VIC coupons Kroger ecoupons and Rite Aid Load2Card coupons.

What is the downside to ecoupons?

  • You don’t have the ability to delete ecoupons from your savings card. They will automatically disappear when you either redeem them, or they expire.
  • Ecoupons don’t double or triple.
  • You must purchase the items exactly as specified by the coupon.  This can be a problem if you don’t have the coupon on hand to properly identify the purchase requirements.
More Information:

*Look for iPhone and Android Apps to download onto your Smartphone for FREE.   These apps are great for checking or adding offers while shopping in-store.

*Generally, manufactures paper coupons and manufacture ecoupons are not meant to be stacked.  Read more about Harris Teeter e-VIC coupons which as the only exception.


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