Using SavingStar Coupons at Stores Without a Loyalty Card

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Re-posting since many of you are new to shopping Farm Fresh and want to take advantage of the SavingStar program.

I wanted to make sure everyone was aware of exactly what you need to participate in the SavingsStar program at stores that don’t have a store loyalty card such as Farm Fresh.

At Customer Service, ask for a UPromise key tag.  You will use the same key tag for any UPromise or SavingStar coupons you load onto the card.

You must register the card online just like your store loyalty cards.  Once you register the card, you can add coupons to your account.  At the register, just have the cashier scan your UPromise card, and you’ll see the SavingStar coupon savings in your SavingStar account.

*A manager had to find the key tags, but they are at the Mt. Pleasant location. I know many of you have been able to get them at other stores in Hampton Roads as well.

Read all about the SavingStar coupon program on this post.


  1. Melodie Kelly says

    I checked with the Farmfresh on Bridge Rd in Suffolk and they said they don’t have any. The Smithfield Farmfresh said they don’t carry them any more. If someone would mail me one, I would be glad to pay for postage. Thanks!

  2. Dana says

    If you would, complete a comment card from that store or stores about them not having any of the keytags. It’s my understanding that the comment cards go higher up, so stores will start to take notice if people leave a comment on those cards available at customer service. They have to order to cards, so it seems that isn’t being done. I’m hoping if enough people complete a comment card, the right people at Corporate will notice and make sure the stores are stocked.

  3. Ali says

    I have a Upromise tag that i got from Farm Fresh but cannot see where to put it at my saving star account-the only empty spot is Shoppers Food and Pharmacy no Farm Fresh spot-please help!

    • Dana says

      I emailed SavingStar. Please see response below and use the suggested zip code.

      Hi Dana,

      Thank you for using SavingStar! There seems to be an issue with our system pulling up all the Farm Fresh locations right now. If a user types in zip code 20147, they should still be able to enter their card number. You can also direct users to send their Upromise keytag numbers to us via our ticketing system:

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

    • Kari says

      Yes, I have gone to quite a few and I they said the same thing. The managers have never heard of it.

    • Dana Zeliff says

      I picked up 9 Upromise tags at my Farm Fresh this morning. Email me ([email protected]) your name and mailing address and I will mail out the ones I have. PLEASE don’t leave your information here!

  4. Chantez says

    Does anyone know which Farm Fresh in the Hampton Roads area has Upromise tags? Because I have been to 6 and everytime the managers look at me like I’m crazy and they have no idea what I’m talking about.


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