10 Other Uses for Lotion

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Other Uses for Lotion
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I’ll admit that I don’t usually think of lotion as having other uses than preventing and treating dry skin.   However, there are many other uses for lotion from reducing static cling to polishing your shoes!

If you have a bunch of extra lotion bottles cluttering up your cabinets, try these alternative lotion uses so you don’t end up throwing those bottles away!  This is especially great if you purchased a product and didn’t like it on your skin – now it has a new purpose!

10 Other Uses for Lotion:

  1. Winter can mean dry hands. Before putting on your gloves or mittens, apply lotion to your hands. This will help keep them moisturized and less likely to become dry and flaky.
  2. Lotion works well for getting stuck rings off your finger. If your fingers swell or you accidentally sleep in your ring and can’t get it off, rub a bit of lotion on your finger and around the ring and it should slip off easily.
  3. Does your pets hair get full of static in the winter? Rub lotion on your hands them rub over your furry little (or big) friend. Bonus – they will smell nice!
  4. Keep your pantyhose from having static cling by rubbing your lotioned (is that a word?) hands over the stockings before you put them on.
  5. More static cling issues resolved with lotion. Once you have applied lotion to your hands, you can rub your hands over your skirt to reduce static. Make sure you don’t have a lot of excess lotion on your hands to avoid staining your skirt!
  6. Shine leather with lotion. If you’re like me and don’t have shoe polish on hand, apply lotion with a soft cloth to your leather shoes (or handbag). They should shine like new. This trick should work on most types of shoes except for cloth.
  7. If you run out of shave gel you can use lotion as an alternative for shaving your legs. For best results, use a lotion with vitamin E or aloe.
  8. Reduce frizz in hour hair this summer by using a bit of lotion. Rub a small amount of lotion in your hand then apply to your hair combing through with your fingers. Don’t overdo the lotion or you could end up with oily looking hair.
  9. If you have scissors that are dull you can wipe lotion along the edges (making sure not to cut yourself!)  Open and close the scissors several times then wipe clean before using.  Your scissors should have more life breathed into them.
  10. Remove stickers from purchases without the leftover sticky reside!  If you just made a purchase of items such as dishes or glassware and need to remove the sale sticker, apply lotion to the sticker and let sit for several minutes.  Rub gently to remove the sticker then wash clean with soap and water.

What other uses for lotion can you share?

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